Tuesday 7 January 2014

I finished it ..

Well I have got stuck into my sisters quilt and the top is done except for piecing the borders on and a good press. That I will do once we are settled in the new house and my quilting space is set up. I have many  hours of trapunto stitching and designing to do yet. but thats okay.
I must say Im very happy with it. Lots of space to do what I love to do ... Quilting.....
I did a hour or so most days recently and before I knew it it was done...... I actually listened to my own advice...... Fancy that !!!
Today I packing and sorting out my stash of fabrics. they have been a big mess for quite a while now .

Ill catagorize them into colours then prints, plains ans hand dyes.... Unpacking them will be a terrific feeling Im sure 
Then Im starting a new project.
Ill keep you posted 

Happy Quilting 
DEB xx 

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