Thursday 2 February 2023

Holidays must come to an end sometime.......

 It's February 2023. 

School is back after a long break of 6-8 weeks, all those sweet kindy children wide eyed with excitement and nerves are starting school for the first time. My beautiful great Nephew started school this year and boy has time flown by. This is my Great Nephew on the cover of George and Georgie when he was only a few precious weeks old. 

A heirloom baby quilt with turned appliqué clam shell's with beautiful free motion quilting. My skill building book "George and Georgie " walks you overstep of the way. 

Starting new at something is always scary, and lots of feelings are running so swiftly in the soul and tummy. Be brave and you will be okay. We all need encouraging words at times. 
Be brave, be better than yesterday is a quote I heard today from my hero Oprah Winfrey. I will try.....

For me starting new work is always a little scary, trying to come up with new and original work is frightening but exhilerating to me. To be unique and true to my talents is always my goal, Not to look at what others are doing and be true to myself. Run my own race. Hard but I try to endeavour.

I really have done everything in the month of January to avoid this starting gate situation. Im fine once I get going, but to walk though the starting point is daunting. Did I say avoid , well yes, Ive cleaned cupboards, gardened up a storm, been swimming in the pool and lounging around long enough. Sound familiar? Im sure you don't ? Do You?

So I bit the bullet,. My favourite saying when Im in this mood is JUST DO IT !!!! Get on with it Deborah.
I have.... I gather fabrics and start drawing usually. But this time something just was falling into my hands. Books found after cleaning my book shelf, photos from the visit to the Daughters of the Revolution museum in Washington in 2019 were popping up. Gifts from family and a very special lifetime friend were given to me. All with this running style and techniques. I get the hint!!!!

So I have the inspiration to move forward. Usually I'm in a great panic to finish a new project by February. The start of classes but this deserves my time. So my students will come along with my journey over the next year or so into this revival of a old hand stitching technique that Im taking to the machine...
Wish me luck I will need it .

I will show results of so far efforts after the first round of once a month classes. I love to show these very dedicated special to me quilters the first of anything new. Quite often some love to come along and jump right into my new work. They are my guiding angels, ironing out the bumps of notes and techniques so to speak, which I am very grateful for. These once a month classes are wonderful for them to develop machine skills and also for me where very special relationships have developed over the years. True friendships. 

So I go forth and stitch....

Classes to attend 

Once a month classes are full at My Sewing Supplies Sylvania, Hobby Sew Figtree, Hobby Sew Kings Park, Berry Quilt and co.

Sew Can I at Werrington have a spot or 2 if you are interested . Please contact Karen.

Im travelling a lot this year again, which I am very grateful for the invitations. 

Orange Hobby Sew is my first Weeknd away 11-12 February . 2 day Glamorous Clams workshop

A fabulous time will be had at Wacky Jacky's retreat in Brisbane. Im teaching Machine Magic for a week. There are spots available. Want a week away with your quilting friends? 6-12 March 2023.
Contact Jacky by email on

Canberra Quilters 1-2 April Glamorous Clams 2 day workshop

ACQ in Melbourne 13-16 April

New Zealand in May. Bernina Tauranga I am teaching 3 x 2 day workshops 9-14 th May
Second week teaching in New Zealand is being finalised now. 

Bundaberg Quilters 30 May - 2 June, 2 x 2 day workshops of Machine Magic.

Thorpe and Co I have a 2 day workshop 17-18 th June.

So that's the first half of the year's special workshops.

I would love to see you in class this year of possible.

So let's all be brave, lean forward and venture into new techniques on these fabulous sewing machines we have . Let me guide you, let me help you get the most out of your sewing machine and Machine Applique and quilt those quilts of yours...

Thank you for listening and take care 

Happy Quilting 
X Deb and Miss Molly


Thursday 12 January 2023

A new year full of promise.....

 It's January the 12 th 2023 and I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year.

May all of your wishes come true.

Im sure we all wish for a healthy year ahead. No more awful viruses, lockdowns, isolation etc... 

Enough of that, I really want to look forward, have a joyous year. A year of appreciation, a year of achieving some goals I have set myself. A year of positive thoughts and actions. A year of happy stitching.

I have a beautiful Granddaughter just turned 1 year old and I now know the joy of making and stitching for her. For her first birthday I made her a quilt of course. My Eye Spy Bubbles of Fun pattern.

Here she is enjoying seeing it for the first time. ( keeping her face out of the picture for privacy ). This is the cutest pattern and the kids love exploring the different eye spy fabrics. A little bit different from the standard eye spy quilt  using blind hem appliqué. The patterns has everything you need to know to make the quilt even down to quilting and binding for any brand of machine.

A link here to the book

Bought myself an overlocker ,a BERNINA 450 actually.  This  4 cone overlocker is fast and sews beautifully. I had one years ago when I had my other life before quilting. Making everything I wore. Imagine that !!! All clothing except my bras. Like many of you that was the done thing back in the day. Remember Just Knits or Knit whit. A complete one stop shop to learn to make knitted garments like trackies, swimmers, underwear , t-shirts. The overlocker was an essential and I loved it... 

So Im getting back into dress making a little,  made some shopping bags, some dresses just enjoying a little bit of different machine stitching.  Are you enjoying your stitching too at the moment.  Change is good.

January is a month of making new work for the next few years ahead for me. I am working on an old traditional hand stitched technique that I want to modernise on the sewing machine. More later not sure as yet if it will work well. 

I usually go into this big panic to make new work, but I have realised I have a huge body of workshops and techniques to share that I have developed over the last 23 years teaching. So I am relaxing the pressure this year and making new work slowly and enjoying it. (trying to get wiser in my older age ha ha)

I am working on a BERNINA 970 Plus sewing machine that is on loan from BERNINA Australia for a month or so. I will be posting on my Deborah louie Tutor Facebook and Instagram page short videos of features of the BERNINA machines. If you're interested keep an eye out for them.

Every year I promise to write more on my blog and this year I'll try again to stay more in touch here on this blog,  other than on Facebook/ Insta. Those are fast instant posts but here I can chat more. Pleas let me know if you're interested to hear from me here. Good to have some feed back . Actually let's chat here . If you have questions about your machine any brand of machine, I can answer them here if I know the answer if not Ill find out for you.. That would be fun. 

So I'll say Happy New Year again to you and to your loved ones. Take care and happy stitching.

By the way Miss Molly is doing well and loving life.... Here with her big Cousin down the beach. 

Happy Stitching  

X Deb 

Wednesday 13 July 2022


 So happy to share that my book Machine Magic is finally back in stock on my web site. Yah!!!! 

The first delivery sold out in days and I am so grateful to the wonderful comments and response to the book.

I am thrilled with the content, how beautiful it looks and basically everything about this book.

I sign every copy with a personal message for you to enjoy.

This is a comprehensive guide to using your decorative stitches on your sewing machine. All brands and models of machines can make beautiful textural appliqué. 

Come along with me as I share step by step the whole process in beautiful photos and text.

Become a decorative stitch artist too.

Please visit the web site to order your copy now for immediate delivery.

USA, Asia and Europe please see your local quilt store for your copy. 

Coming soon 

Miss Molly's Flower Garden skill building book and full size pattern sheets will be released very soon so watch this space.

Happy Quilting 

X Deb and Miss Molly 


Monday 28 February 2022

Machine Magic due in the country next month

 Hi Friends,

I hope this finds you well.

The craziness of Covid, wars and floods are all headlines and angst around the world. The dread of uncertainty lingers with us all. So I sincerely wish that your stitching carries your heart, mind and soul  through these uncertain times.

Teaching has started up thankfully for me again. Then last week my husband John contracted Covid from his place of employment so isolation for us both. I am so thankful I stayed negative and well. He is fine now.

My deepest apologies to the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday once a month skill building classes a My Sewing Supplies at Sylvania that had to be cancelled. We were all excited to be together again, doing what we love to do  but it was not to be ... Im sorry. March will come around quickly.

Machine Magic my book with C & T Publishing house is due into Australia late March. I will have it for sale here on my web site . This stunning book is filled with decorative stitch applique to get the very best from your sewing machine.  It will also be available through quilt stores. Maybe ask your local quilt shop to pre order from Search Press or Ascot Lane.

I have taught so far this year at Sew Can I Werrington , Berry Quilt and Co and at Hobby Sew Kings Park where we had wonderful days. Here are some photos I managed to take and thank you Sharon also for taking some of work achieve over the holidays and last year.

I love that Kim takes elements from my designs and places them around panels that her Grandchildren adore and makes unique quilts with. Quilting between the lines by Jan ( grid Free Motion Quilting)  Excellence has been achieved in the Magenta and blue quilt. Ari making Miss Molly"s flower Garden and looks beautiful, Brenda and Debbie with Daisy Paths, Julie and Jenny started Let's Go Go Go boys quilt. They are both excited about making this quilt . Details below for the link to the web site to purchase this fun book and pattern sheets . Carolyn making the trapunto quilt and Robyn making Machine magic flowers.

Sensational work ladies.  I have managed to get the groove back to several people who understandable have lost their sewing mojo. Let's do this girls....... Happy Days ahead....

This is Let's Go Go Go my latest skill building book. A machine applique QAYG project. 
The book comes complete with 10 x A3 double sided pages of pattern sheets all ready for fusing your raw edge shapes. All machine quilting , preparation and applique stitching techniques are step by step given in great detail for you . The second print run is being printed now so a huge success. 
Link here for you. 

Here is the link to Machine Magic to keep till in stock.

Stay well, stay safe my friends 
Happy Quilting 

XX Deb and Miss Molly and Cousin Pip 

Tuesday 1 February 2022

New Book Let's Go Go Go ......

 Im thrilled to share with you my latest skill building book Let's Go Go Go ....... this is now available on my web site.

 There are  3 projects in the book, the quilt, wall hanging and cushion. Full size pattern sheets accompany the book ready to be traced for the fusible applique. 

The quilt is QAYG ( quilt as you go technique) is something I don't normally do but have had requests. 
Well I had to do it differently from others and Im thrilled with the result. Very different and looks amazing.

All techniques I show in photos and there will be YOUTUBE tutorials soon uploaded on how to go about making this delightful Childs quilt.

Stitching is with 50 weight cotton threads. Some simple decorative stitches which are found on most machines including medium blanket stitch, triple stitch, over lock stitch, star stitch and a few more have been used to cover the raw edging. 

I could not resist this photo with a near by yellow ( my favourite colour) sporty car as a backdrop.

Every aspect of appliquéing, quilting, joining and finishing the projects is shown step by step in great detail.

One of the fun blocks from the quilt version of Let's Go Go Go .....

Miss Molly loves these quilts too...

Here is the link to this fun, one of a kind quilt you will love making. A heirloom quilt for a very special young person in your life perhaps .

Out now in a few quilt stores also and on my web site 
Wholesale orders to stores now available.Please email Deborah directly. 

I am back again teaching face to face classes...
Yippee. I have missed you all. 
Here is the link to my updated teaching schedule .
Come join me for a speciality workshop or a once a month skill building class .

Im now a Nanna of the most precious baby girl Tahlia. What a joy being a grandparent is. 

Happy Days 

  Happy Quilting
Take care 
X Deb and Miss Molly 

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Time to think about 2022 classes.

 Hi I hope this finds you well.

I have had enough of this at staying at home business quilting on my own . Let's get back to it I say.!!!! Back to teaching, back to the wonderful company, back to beautiful quilt shops, back to learning, back to us all being inspired. 

Yes I have been very productive but I miss teaching, miss the chats, miss the challenges, miss the company , miss you my lovely students.

Love to have you join me ,  here is where I am teaching my once a month classes. 

My skill building , get to know your machine, make any of my projects, learn machine quilting once a month classes in and around Sydney are as follows:

* Sew Can I  at Werrington

First Monday of the month 


*Berry Quilt and Co at Berry

Third Tuesday of the month

Sharon ,

*Kings Park Hobby Sew  

Third Friday of the month (generally) 

Email me Deborah or 

* My Sewing Supplies Sylvania  

Fourth Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of the Month 

Bernadette ,

Come and join the fun, the learning and the company...... 

Please contact the shop directly except for the Hobby Sew class please contact me , Deborah. 

For more teaching locations, retreats, symposiums , please visit my web site

Happy Quilting 

X Deb and Miss Molly 

Sunday 19 September 2021

A story about a quilt I found many years ago made by unknown.

 This is a little bit of my past that I would like to share with you. A tale of a quilt made by unknown .

When I was only 21 I was saving to travel to Europe I used to hand paint t- shirts and earrings to sell at Balmain church markets in Sydneys inner West on a Saturday morning to supplement my income . These were very popular.

This was a lovely hobby and well before my quilt making days. Mind you I always stitched and made all of my clothing from an early age. 

Well one Saturday at the markets before the customers started to arrive I stopped and browsed at a neighbouring stall. This chap had everything!!! Junk everywhere, old hammers, tools, toys, shoes whatever you could imagine.

Well, up in the corner of his stall I noticed something textile and asked could I please have a look please. 

I asked how much and he said $20.00. SOLD... Thank you.

Brought it home and it was the first time I had ever touched or seen a hand pieced hexagon  quilt top. This quilt top must have been stitched in the 60's as the fabrics were from the late 50's and 60's. So many of the fabrics I could imagine my mum wearing dresses from that era.

What a find. 

All hand stitched. The maker lovingly made her own template as the measurement of the finished hexagons is not equal on all sides. Seem to remember a few newspaper templates still in place. That I love... Not being perfect, just being made to love.

The maker used very thick cotton thread I think even an upholstery size 12 or even 8 weight thread. Each stitch was perfectly placed. The seam allowance fold over was large. The hexagon shapes started with a square of fabric and then folded over and met at the centre with overlapping long tacking stitches. ( photo above) 

The quilt was not finished as it was never square or the sides even straight. I wonder why it was never finished? 
For many years we had it over our lounge just as it was. For some reason I never finished it. I don't know why, just didn't seem right for some reason till now.

My loving daughter Claire recently got engaged to her love. We are thrilled for them. 
Claire has always had a passion and a love for vintage textiles, this love of textiles we share together. 

It came to me that night of her engagement news ( which was a day before Sydneys latest lockdown) that I will finish the quilt for Claire.

So after such a long time I knew what to do. 

Firstly I had to replace lots of hexagons. They were so deteriorated full of holes etc. That meant unpicking her stitches and replacing the older fabrics with current fabric. I even cut up one of Claires old daisy print dresses to add to the mix. We also share a love of Daisies. The happiest flowers in the world....

That was all so moving. I don't know who she is but I could feel her love in the stitching... Maybe strange but so comforting to me during this latest lockdown. I did this at night, quiet stitching by hand. Hand stitching is not my thing, believe me, but what can I say except I loved it. Her stitching was small and delicate and mine is large and cumbersome. You certainly can see the difference in our styles.

Then I blind hem appliqué it onto a base of light grey homespun for stabilisation of the old fabrics. Then sandwiched it and free motion quilted it with continuous curves.
I know hand quilting it would have been better but really!!! I wanted finished for Claire this year not in 500 years time......

After quilting and binding I did hand quilt around the outer edge of the hexagons and luckily very naive large stitch quilting is a hit with Claire. I used 12 weight cotton thread and do you know I have not hand quilted since 1991. 

So its done . This unknown makers quilt from the 1960's will have a new existence, a new life. A new family to keep warm and cosy up with. They are setting up their new home and this quilt will be very much loved and with a renewed purpose that will last a very long time to come. 
This makes me so happy and contented. 
💖 With Love 

I hope you and your family are well.
Take care 

Happy stitching

Deb and Miss Molly 

Miss Molly is very happy having her Pippy girl staying over for a few weeks, and here besties at the beach together.