Monday 7 April 2014

Maroo retreat

Just home last night after a terrific retreat again.

The Patchworkers and Quilters of the Hawksbury Inc  run a retreat this time every year at Maroo. This was my 3rd year teaching.

They have an amazing committee of hard working committed ladies who do an amazing job to give their members a fantastic weekend of learning, fun and shopping. This event has sponcers who are generous and when you arrive a goodie bag is given.

Meal area  always popular......

Some class room spaces..
Charity quilts for Ronald McDonald House.....
They had a silent auction for breast cancer of lovely blocks 

The opening evening was great with all the tutors showing what the classes will achieve over the weeknd. I showed my new free form quilts and got a terrific responce with lots of ladies after where they can do the workshops.... please give me a few more months to develope my style and techniques and Ill share where im teaching . Berry retreat next year 2015 will be one location  booked.

I had a lovely gropu of 14 eager ladies.
We had a terrific big class room and the first day was free motion quilting feathers, fills and fun.
I worked them towards fabalous feathers. Look at the results
this was my demo and 

I didnt manage to get photos of more amazing quilting, yes you Rhonda and Pam fantasic feathers well done ....
Then day two I showed the new technique of template designing your own quilting patterns which was very well recieved.

Then they asked great advice for quilting theior own quilts and got on woith the job of quilting. I was very impressed by the eagerness to get on and quilt. 

Thank you ladies I had a terrfic time with you all.

Unfortunalty this was the last reteat. After 23 years the committee has called it quits. They have done a wonderful event for all of those years and feel time to go out with a bang...

Hence the logo The BIg Bang......Lots of dissapointed faces at the announcement even some tears but all things change. This might be the opportuntiy for something new to be arranged you never know ..

Lessa Siegele is the patron of the event and was presented with a signed banner . 
Lessa also organised a metre of signhed by every one who attended fabric for all of the committee with fabric to make a special remembrance quilt to show our gratitude to the hard work of the last 23 years.

A THANK YOU cake was made by the kitchen staff  and here is the wonderful committee note the pink cakes..... pink shirts.... :) 

Ill miss this reteat, the company was fantastic, a very relaxed happy event. Committee THANK YOU and all the very best to each and every one of you for the future.

Thanks for listening 
Happy Quilting 

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