Monday 31 October 2016


Every time I write a blog post I end up apologising for the length of time between posts. Well I shouldn't I know , what can I say except we all have busy lives.  I will try to think of this blog more like a diary, what has been going on every week in my sewing room and what beautiful progress in class by my very talented  students .
Okay Deb a new positive direction... lets go....

Stay tuned as I have lots of new teaching opportunities and very exciting times for me  coming in the near future.


On October 4 John and I with 2 great friends of ours ventured off to Vietnam. First stop was Singapore. What an amazingly efficient city I loved it .. a train every 3 minutes. We fitted in so much and here are just some quick visuals .

We had the have that iconic photo at departures.....

Beautiful street art

inspiration everywhere
Loved the old architecture

 Modern marvels
sky garden spectacular

go to Singapore and not see the orchid garden .. no way  

a magical instillation of old pots and pans

getting my feet sucked by fishes.....

Then off to Vietnam

We went with Intrepid tours for a  10  day trip then had a week on our own

  John and I did everything  rode push bikes, motor bikes, tunnels, museums, ate everything even frog, ate street food, had a home visit dinner, loved it all. A spectacular country with beautiful people and Crazy traffic......

a marriage that has lasted a very long time so beautiful. He is 93 and his bride is 87 and they still tend to their farm everyday , so inspirational....

Graduating students   4 roses and an old thorn !!!!!

Rice fields

8 million scooters in Saigon , a challenge to cross the roads there ...

Cat Ba island our last stop for Rand R

This photo is my favourite of the trip I think. John and I kayaking on Halong Bay at sunset not a worry in the world , really being in the moment. Pure Joy.....

John and I have not travelled overseas much at all BUT I think this will all change....

Recent students work.

Month by month in my regular once classes, the work being produced blows me away.

Ally's secret garden quilt coming along beautifully

Decorative hexagon small wall quilt by Diane and Sue

Little garden cushions

a feathered chevron

tumbler quilt always a great one to free motion quilt

Baltimore blocks looking stunning

Daisy paths stunner.

Garden runner so happy and beautiful

Hearts and Lollipops

free form triangles

Hearts and Lollipops all done quilted looking amazing, a huge accomplishment

what a great cushion addition to any home

another runner looking fantastic

a cot quilt free form triangles, love it

applique bird of paradise woo hoo

look at this stunning Baltimore , I cant wait to see the borders on.

Beautiful free motion quilting Diane... very proud of your work.

Of course there is a lot more .

For 2017 I have 4 locations in Sydney for my once a month classes.

My sewing supplies Kirrawee 5 days in the month
The stitchers Cupboard at Camden 2 days in the month
Hobby Sew Kings Park 2 days in the month
Berry quilt and Co Berry 1 day in the month.
For dates and contacts see the classes tab at the top of the page.

till next time
Happy quilting Deb x


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