Sunday 26 August 2018


  Hope this August post finds you well and happily stitching your latest quilt. 

The last few months have been a little tough here at home with my husband not well,  but fantastic news , he is feeling great again , so things can get back to normal. I have my fingers crossed that now I can spend some time in between tutoring to make new work that I can share with you soon. 

I admit if I have an extended time away from creating  new work, then when I do get the chance , sometimes I can doubt myself, get a little anxious. I call this quilters block... all I have to do is go into my Sewing studio space and sew anything, just start stitching, cutting fabric, sketching and usually by JUST DOING , I calm down and the creative juices start to roll again. JUST DO IT... is my mantra.. 
If this happens to you perhaps try and just sew anything. It does not really matter what you stitch, being around fabric,  just touching, folding or ironing your latest fabric purchase, turning on your machine taking some YOU time is so good for the soul. Sometimes it’s rare to have time to sew but it’s always there for us when we need it. We’re so lucky to be quilters, makers of beautiful art. Something I am very grateful of and to be....

Enough of the mushy stuff......

I have had some really nice workshops lately with students embracing my Quilting Between the Lines class. This free motion quilting technique breaks down the area needed to be filled with quilting into small achievable portions. There is 1 inch , 1/2 inch and a small diamond grid mesh stencils that are accompanied with my Quilting between the lines book. It’s been wonderful to see ladies now happy to free motion quilt their quilts with many new designs. I have even had some past students from years ago come to this class renewed with new inspiration and skills.
Here is a few photos of students work from Rosemount Patchwork with Teressa at her weekend retreat a few weeks ago down the beautiful south coast. 

Quilting  between the lines book and stencils 

Pebble quilting on Dads Dahlia using the 1/2 inch grid for even sized pebbles , and pebbles in pattern formations. 

 The stencils with the quilt white pounce pad in action. 

My “Quilting between the lines “ book and 3grid mesh stencils available on my web site shop.

  Keep an eye out here and on my Facebook page Deborah Louie Tutor for Youtube grid quilting designs coming soon. 

My teaching schedule is on the web site 

I am hosting 2 classes at Carinya Studio which is located south west of Sydney at Pheasants Nest,  that I would like to share with you.

The first is “Know your BERNINA Series 5 and 7 machine day “

Learn the beautiful features of your machine that a quilter needs.
We will explore the different feet I use to make my quilts, how to maximise the different setting features of the machine, the open toe embroidery foot and the wonderful decorative stitches, walking foot, BSR free motion quilting, free motion quilting, how to adjust tension, threads to use, needles, the memory features to save your favourite settings , maintenance, cleaning and much more , note this does not include the embroidery module.

Class is on FRIDAY 12 October  9 am arrival for 9:30 start with 4:45 finish. 
Spoil yourself with a delicious lunch, morning and afternoon teas provided in this lovely studio. For $95.00 per student.
Please email me for more details and booking form.

The second class I have is “Dads Dahlia “ at Carinya Studio.
This 2 day machine appliqué workshop is booking quickly with only a few spots remaining. 
We will stitch some beautiful decorative stitches on the 4 sizes of petal shapes, stitch trapunto appliqué , sketch appliqué and finish with grid pebble quilting the background. 
Workshop is Saturday and Sunday November 10-11 th 2018 , $195.00 per student 

Enjoy delicious lunches , morning and afternoon teas for the 2 days, glossy full colour Dads Dahlia book and pattern also given on the day.
There is some simple preparation of fusible petal shapes to do before class,  so studio time is spent stitching and learning new skills. 
Class times 9:00 for 9:30 start till 4:45 both days. 
There is nearby a few comfortable motel accomodation options at Bargo only 7 mins away if you would like  to grab a few quilting friends and make a weekend of it. 

Email Deborah      For more information and booking details.


Some recent lovely work by my clever students below . Enjoy..

Daisy Paths by Julie , now at quilting stage . Wonderful work.

 Ali made my Christmas Lotus May into a decorative stitched table cloth and detail below 
Pattern available on my web site shop.

Joy and her version of A secret garden runner. Such an achievement a huge amount of work.

Such a pretty medallion centre of Daisy Paths by Robyn... beautiful

Glamorous Clams looking beautiful.

Daisy Paths bag this time not a cushion . Cute to shop with..

Enjoy your stitching time. Till next time. 

Happy Quilting 

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Maryam Othman said...

Hello from Indiana ,USA. I love the garden path pillow cushions and the tree of life quilt. Where can I get the patterns? Love your wirk.