Saturday 3 July 2021

Everything was going along so well.......

 Yep classes were going along so well..... then bugger lockdown again.... Hi Hope you are doing okay.

I have no reason to complain as so many people are under much stress and anxiety from the latest lock down but BUGGER..... Take care everyone . Reach out if you need to chat to someone.

Classes are ticking along so well. Lovely to be in class , it will happen again soon I know  in the mean time keep stitching everyone. At the end of each class I ask everyone do you have enough work to go on with for the next month?... yes plenty is the answer every time. So that's great happy stitching on your machines.

Due to the covid situations many events have been postponed. 
One of these was Rosemount Patchwork annual workshop at Mogo NSW. Now December 3-5th 2021.
My annual classes at Bernina Tauranga New Zealand are postponed to 2022 now.

I am currently designing blocks for a young boy's quilt with trucks, cars , bikes etc with my new AQA (Appliqué, Quilt and Applique) technique . The girls quilt has been completed and so pretty Im thrilled  Fingers crossed that a new book with the 3 children's quilts I hope to have by years end. 

I design the old school way drawing on paper with pencil to sketch first then black felt tipped pen. Each block is drawn to size and then reversed and the individual applique shapes or units are drawn up. This all goes then to my graphic designer and she does her magic and I get them all back as PDF for printing.  A lot of work but I love this designing stage. 
"Miss Mollys Flower Garden" , the boys "Lets Get About "quilt and "A Day At The Beach" which are the 3 quilts have the same size blocks . Each can be transferred and built into your own quilt layout. 
More info later.

I have made a fun quilt called Eye Spy with My Little Eye - Bubbles of fun. This is for our special friends first grand baby. Such a special time for them. 

You know the old eye spy quilts well this is using the funnest ( is this a word ????? or do I know this word from the movie Legally Blonde !!) fabrics and instead of piecing them into a block formation I have used the Covid Clams technique of blind hem appliqué in 3 different circle sizes.

The Covid Clams Book will now come with a 3 page instruction leaflet on the Eye spy version inside the book. This technique is so enjoyable I have made 2 eye spy quilts and on to my third... Very addictive . Cute bubble quilting and bubble ditching explained too.  A fun quilt to make with your friends and perhaps swap fabrics. 

Quick link to Covid Clams on the web site for you.  Covid Clams Book only $27.00 . 

Workshops are booked for this quilt or can me made in my once a month regular classes. See teaching schedule on my web site 

2022 looks more promising and a few retreats have been booked already.

The first is the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide February 10-13th. I have proposed many domestic sit down quilting and appliqué classes to teach.

March 14-20 th In Brisbane with Whacky Jacky a 6 day retreat with me . Gee we can really have some terrific learning in that time. The classes are  A stitched Mandala and Covid Clams. Contact Jacky on

Here is some beautiful students recent work. So proud of their success, talent and diligent hard work .

Miss Molly having a wonderful time playing with her fur cousins Pippy, and Ngarra. 
Life is good 

Till next time 

Happy Stitching 
X Deb and Miss Molly 


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