Sunday 25 July 2021

See you soon.

Once again lockdown is happening in many parts of Australia. Stay well and safe everyone.

So with this all classes are on hold.

All once a month and speciality classes will be once again rescheduled.
This we can do, it will be okay.
Look forward to being together again learning, stitching and laughing as quilters do. 

Im going well. I have a routine down pat with a long walk with Miss Molly first thing in the morning then upstairs and working away on the second in the series of 3 children's quilts.

If you are stuggling I urge you to reach out to someone and have a chat. 
I like to check that friends of mine are okay. Most of the time its a quick are you okay?  text or messenger. Sometimes its a lovely long phone call. It calms me to know my friends are doing okay. 
 I had a lovely phone call from a student from My Sewing Supplies on friday just out of the blue to see if I was doing okay. That meant a lot, very sweet to be thought of.

I have a once a week Face-time chat with my Friday Princesses.  This is a regular once a month class of wonderful , crazy women where we stop and connect with each other. A truly beautiful, funny, supportive , happy time where we share our thoughts, and latest ditching progress.  This is all we can do at this present time and it means so much to all of us this virtual way to connect.  

Another book of mine has been added to the web site

A Stitched Mandala -The Collection 

5 beautiful slow stitched cushions. 
All using 12 weight cotton thread , the walking foot or dual feed and decorative stitches.
Of course all details of the stitching and 5 full size pattern sheets , and quilting instructions are included.
I have popped in an error sheet where I have made a few machine stitch number errors. I apologies, this does not effect the designs in any way . All my fault. I see numbers jumbled up at times...... 

This is slow stitching on the machine. A truly lovely relaxing technique for those who are after a hand stitched look but on the sewing machine. 



Ill be in touch again soon, till then say well and stay covid safe 

Happy quilting 
x Deb and Miss Molly 

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