Thursday 2 February 2023

Holidays must come to an end sometime.......

 It's February 2023. 

School is back after a long break of 6-8 weeks, all those sweet kindy children wide eyed with excitement and nerves are starting school for the first time. My beautiful great Nephew started school this year and boy has time flown by. This is my Great Nephew on the cover of George and Georgie when he was only a few precious weeks old. 

A heirloom baby quilt with turned appliqué clam shell's with beautiful free motion quilting. My skill building book "George and Georgie " walks you overstep of the way. 

Starting new at something is always scary, and lots of feelings are running so swiftly in the soul and tummy. Be brave and you will be okay. We all need encouraging words at times. 
Be brave, be better than yesterday is a quote I heard today from my hero Oprah Winfrey. I will try.....

For me starting new work is always a little scary, trying to come up with new and original work is frightening but exhilerating to me. To be unique and true to my talents is always my goal, Not to look at what others are doing and be true to myself. Run my own race. Hard but I try to endeavour.

I really have done everything in the month of January to avoid this starting gate situation. Im fine once I get going, but to walk though the starting point is daunting. Did I say avoid , well yes, Ive cleaned cupboards, gardened up a storm, been swimming in the pool and lounging around long enough. Sound familiar? Im sure you don't ? Do You?

So I bit the bullet,. My favourite saying when Im in this mood is JUST DO IT !!!! Get on with it Deborah.
I have.... I gather fabrics and start drawing usually. But this time something just was falling into my hands. Books found after cleaning my book shelf, photos from the visit to the Daughters of the Revolution museum in Washington in 2019 were popping up. Gifts from family and a very special lifetime friend were given to me. All with this running style and techniques. I get the hint!!!!

So I have the inspiration to move forward. Usually I'm in a great panic to finish a new project by February. The start of classes but this deserves my time. So my students will come along with my journey over the next year or so into this revival of a old hand stitching technique that Im taking to the machine...
Wish me luck I will need it .

I will show results of so far efforts after the first round of once a month classes. I love to show these very dedicated special to me quilters the first of anything new. Quite often some love to come along and jump right into my new work. They are my guiding angels, ironing out the bumps of notes and techniques so to speak, which I am very grateful for. These once a month classes are wonderful for them to develop machine skills and also for me where very special relationships have developed over the years. True friendships. 

So I go forth and stitch....

Classes to attend 

Once a month classes are full at My Sewing Supplies Sylvania, Hobby Sew Figtree, Hobby Sew Kings Park, Berry Quilt and co.

Sew Can I at Werrington have a spot or 2 if you are interested . Please contact Karen.

Im travelling a lot this year again, which I am very grateful for the invitations. 

Orange Hobby Sew is my first Weeknd away 11-12 February . 2 day Glamorous Clams workshop

A fabulous time will be had at Wacky Jacky's retreat in Brisbane. Im teaching Machine Magic for a week. There are spots available. Want a week away with your quilting friends? 6-12 March 2023.
Contact Jacky by email on

Canberra Quilters 1-2 April Glamorous Clams 2 day workshop

ACQ in Melbourne 13-16 April

New Zealand in May. Bernina Tauranga I am teaching 3 x 2 day workshops 9-14 th May
Second week teaching in New Zealand is being finalised now. 

Bundaberg Quilters 30 May - 2 June, 2 x 2 day workshops of Machine Magic.

Thorpe and Co I have a 2 day workshop 17-18 th June.

So that's the first half of the year's special workshops.

I would love to see you in class this year of possible.

So let's all be brave, lean forward and venture into new techniques on these fabulous sewing machines we have . Let me guide you, let me help you get the most out of your sewing machine and Machine Applique and quilt those quilts of yours...

Thank you for listening and take care 

Happy Quilting 
X Deb and Miss Molly


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