"Lets Quilt" Stage 1 class discription

"Lets Quilt "Day 1


All aspects of machine quilting to get you started quilting your own quilts.

  • Marking the quilt stencils, pens, pencils, quilt pounces, efficient marking techniques
  • Backing fabrics
  • Waddings : all the varieties explained
  • Pinning the quilt: Deborah's unique techniques fully demonstrated
  • Threads ,needles all covered
  • Technique of machine quilting
  • Stitch sizes and how they can effect the out come
  • Stopping and starting beautifully every time
  • Stitch in the ditch , how the seam can effect the quilt
  • Decorative stitches using the walking foot
  • Cross hatching
  • Twin needles with walking foot
  • Cables and Curves with walking foot
  • Quilting blocks and borders
  • Theory of how to quilt of any style and  size
  • Show and tell some of Deborah's quilts and explain how and why quilted
  • Students to bring quilts for discussion on quilting in future
  • This is a full Days intensive workshop
  • Length 6-6 1/2 hours long

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Alison Spragg said...

I enjoyed this class immensely and learned a lot. Recommend it.