Tuesday 14 February 2012


Threads threads threads I love them .......
All types of fibres, weights and colours.
But I do like to stay organised when ever I can. I find it saves me time in the long run.
I keep all threads divided firstly into type then colour for example cotton 50 weight all together in draws in colour themes.
These draw systems I bought from one of those variety discount shops mine is in Miranda fair Sydney, but they are everywhere. Keeping the dust and light  out of the thread is a good thing. Keeps them new and clean ready for use at any time.
In my sewing area I keep a draw full of common threads I like to use again and again right behind me , turn around and they are there. I keep stationary in one draw, marking tools in another ,machine tools in another, sewing machine needles in a draw and cutting tools in the last. Everything has a place and there when I need it.
New projects also have a washing basket with all the design notes, drawings, sketches, fabric, threads , everything I need for that project so I don't have to hunt down for the correct tools. All in one place .
This is a new quilt project some of my teaching quilts are looking sad and old and I would like to up date them .

Some of this fabric I bought last year from Amitie in Melbourne . Jenny has THE best taste when buying fabric for her shop. 
Just a quick look at my set up for you. Scroll down to my room and table / machine set up as well. 

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