Tuesday 12 November 2013

Dramas in the grey skies

Yesterday afternoon I boarded a qantas link plane to Coffs Harbour nsw . Grey skies and winds have been with us for 2 days after some beautiful blue sky weather with high summer temperatures.  
Okay I knew we were about to encounter turbulence .The captain quickly advised us after takeoff . He advise moderate turbulence . No coffee or tea service . Okay , buckle up tight Deb. 
After 10 mins in the air we encounter heavy turbulence , I tried to relax deep breathing etc....... Okay we'll make it into Coffs I kept chanting to myself.  It felt like forever fying in thick grey clouds.💨
Yep , were soon landing and then dark clouds surrounded us and we were hit by lightening ⚡️as we descended.  I saw the lightening but didn't hear a noise. Captain soon changes direction and up we go again. Sorry Coffs we're not landing. So back to Sydney again through all of that turbulence again.  Oh my nerves. 
 I'm not a great flyer but do to my job I have to be brave and get on with it. And I do....
So very happy to be back on land. 😅
I'm so very sorry Jacarander Quilters I now won't be with you today and Wednesday. I'll contact Anne today to reschedule. 
See you all soon ... 

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