Sunday 10 November 2013

Time goes by so quickly... doesn't it ?

Today is November 10th 2013...
Time is flying by .
It has been a while since my last post so here goes......

Being honest her I have had no time to sew , just teaching.
I had a terrific weekend with the Latrobe Quilters in early October . It was so lovely to met up again with some past students from AQC who are doing some  amazing quilting .
 This is Janet with her knock out quilting...... Such a pleasure to teach , a wonderful lady.
 Great big room at Latrobe Quilters hall
 Some of the quilting completed during class... woo hoo ...

Margaret McDonald as the other tutor. It was our first meeting and thankyou Margaret for your company, travel assistance it was a please to work with you.

Next trip away was for the Norfolk Island Quilters.
Wow what a beautiful Island.
This trip John accompanied me., very different having your husband around while you work, but it was fine.
John explored the island and had a great rest.
There were 4 tutors with over 65 students attending.
The committee did a sensational job and my thanks go to each and every one of them. we had a great time.
My classes went really well. We had some lovely evenings out to dinner and enjoyed great company.

This is my favourite photo of an old fishing boat with the one pine in the background.

 We had beautiful sunny warm days.
 John enjoying the peace and quiet.
 I was fascinated by the lines of Norfolk pine trees and the ever roaming free cows , just chilled and eating grass....
My classes were held at a beautiful location a private paradise of stunning gardens and this huge room with Highly polished Norfolk pine tables metres long!!!!!!!!

Day 1 and half of the following day was Blind hem and free motion applique
 Some of the flowers the ladies did. all happy and gorgeous flowers they were too.

Kay  My angel enjoying the quilt.

 There was a quilt show and pin cushion exhibition being held at the RSL club.. How unique is that...fantastic hand made pin cushions.

 But I don't use a pin cushion I use my bra!!!!!!! ( well somebody has to be silly)
 Now when I was the polished tables I though ... OH MY how are we going to pin our quilts on these for the Lets Quilt 2 day class..   Well lay cardboard boxes over the tables and presto it worked a treat..........I love that we quilters can adapt so quickly to any problem that arises......

.Thank you to all of my lovely ladies who attended the classes I enjoyed your company immensely ...
 and Happy quilting........
After the 3 days of teaching we explored the island, walked up kilometres of mountains and explored the national park

 This was sunset on our very last evening took a wine or two up to Puppies Peak to watch the sun set over the west coast... beautiful
Last evening of teaching we had a farewell dinner and the tutors were given a gift of these beautiful hats made on the island . I just had to show it off didn't I .... Amanda Daly another tutor with her hat too in the background....

Last week was back to Parkes for Vanessa's Wool and Craft shop
The girls took a 2 day tumbler quilt class on either Thursday/ Friday or Sat/Sunday.
The ladies completed the quilt tops, ditched all the seams before class time and started free motion quilting their quilts with me in class . Loved the spirit of just getting on and quilting ... Go Girls
 Denise on the machine quilting away.
 Border of leaves and tendrils here

First groups quilts
 Dale quilting up a storm....
 There was a abandoned joey who needed to come to class with Donna so I got to feed it ... Cute .... I never know what to expect at Parkes....Anything can happen and usually does... Always fun and a pleasure to see my friends again.
Thanks Vanessa Ill be back again in June 2014

Now this was interesting I needed to pin a quilt for my friend Jenny in Brisbane and write an article in quilters companion magazine. My floor boards have newly polished and couldn't go there !!!! So what hard flat large surface to I have at home ???????.....Lets See........ Outside pavers ...... They worked a treat. Bit hard on the bottom but hey it got done.. Again improvising..

That's me for  a while
heaps happening in my life at the moment and hopefully good news to come.
Updated class list for 2014 hope to see you soon
Happy Quilting

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Sally W said...

RE: Your friend "Jenny in Brisbane"s beautiful rose quilt.
Do you know the name of this pattern or where I can find more information about it?
It's beautiful!!