Tuesday 26 November 2013

Larraine success

Here is another Baltimore success, Lorraine is Kate's friend (1930) quilt, they came to Thursdays once a month at the beginning of this year together. Lovely ladies and very good friends, supported each other in their quilt making and friendship for a long time.
Lorraine had many fabrics in her collection and we just consolidated a clean strong palet and away she went. such an organised stitcher , everything numbered and thought about in great detail. Lorraine kept a detail diary of the whole process... Wonderful to see .
Stunning is the first word that comes to mind . 

Lorraine has put lots of extra stitch detail in her shapes to add texture. I know this quilt has been a great deal of satisfaction to her. Fantastic Lorraine , I can't wait to see you finish it all appliqué, pieced and quilted by You............congratulations ........

I have my last Tuesday class for the year at pegs pieces Kirrawee today more photos of quilts hopefully soon.
Till then happy quilting 
Deb xx 

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