Monday 17 February 2014

710 machine set up and table

I have been asked by a few ladies to show in detail how John ( Hubby) has made my table for quilting.
Well here it is :
First we started with an old Ikea solid wood table.
the screwed a piece of 4 x8 Ft ply wood on top.
Cut out the shape of the machine 
and built a box for the machine to sit in.

I wanted to keep the extension table attached as its a great size and very smooth and i like the roundness of the table at the end ... Lovely to quilt on 
Hole for plug and foot pedal and side piece of wood ( Blue ) to stop any movement. I have a chest of draws to the right of me on the bottom left hand side of the photo and the koala chair , which has excellent lift , to get me onto the correct sewing height.

This is the space for my Bernina 440 machine . When not needed has this flush insert in the table.

The table is probually now easy 12 years old and is fantastic. I wouldnt swap it for anything else . It really suits my needs.
Table again on a cleaner day !! 
The size is terrific. When I quilt a large quilt a card table sits next to my left hand side to support the excess weight of the quilt.
I do hope this is of some use to you those that are after such a table.
But i cant help you with finding time at such a table , as Im desperate to sew very soon...
Thanks for listening 
Happy Quilting 

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