Tuesday 11 February 2014

Clever idea

I'm in grafton at the moment a with the Jacarander  quilters, it's sunny and very humid. I had a lovely day , this being my first day back after holidays.The  plane ride this time was smooth  with lovely clear skies, a much happier Deb arrived .Now this is a great idea. Purchase a pool floaty tube from the $2.00 shops cut it up and  stick the safety and sewing pins in it .... Terrific....
Can also be used to wind your bias made strips and pin then in place . Up there for thinking. I love the idea , it's light cheap and the pins don't get tangled in a container. Could have different colours tubes one for a safety pins, another colour for sewing pins and another for needles. 

This is  is Kim's Baltimore ready for appliqu√© corners. congratulations Kimmy it's looking sensational.  Kim has used her kaffee   fabrics to their full potential. Fussy cutting flowers out and placing them in her own formation. I thrilled for you .  it's getting very exciting to be so close now to the quilting. 
I have promised myself to blog more and Facebook less. I'm  am going to do my best keeping this blog up to date.
Thanks for listening
Happy quilting 


Anne Carter said...

A great first day Deb., we all learned a lot. Looking forward to day two for free motion quilting. I'm bringing a free standing fan to cool us down! Luckilly for us all that the class isn't this coming weekend with a forecast of 39C for Grafton!

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