Wednesday 30 April 2014

trapunto done

Hi again,

Beautiful afternoon as I write this , clear skies and slightly coler air out there. 
I have spent the last 3 days designing and stitching trapunto on my new applique quilt. Well thats a fib no ots not new it was suppose to be completed last year for the june Sydney quilt show but.......
anyway .......
on to it for this year which is in July .
I find using this light box extreemly fantastic...

I have the larger one A3 size but i wish they made them 4 times larger. It is LEd light and at the touch of a button it brightens or dulls down you choose. They are so light weight as well. Available from patchwork shops aussie wide.
So back to it ..... I designed the trapunto designs for the plain blocks and borders onto paper and then transfered with my F penicil onto the fabric.

Then I have just spent 2 days sewing down the trapunto.
Now if you have a Bernina 7 series here is the low down for the settings. I fiddled around for a while wressling the tensions , feeding etc till Ive come up with a setting that worked beautifully.
  straight stitch plate on
 #24 open toe foot 
stitch #1 stitch length 0
TOP TENSION 0  yes o believe me it works
bobbin fill in the bobbin . I usually put dissolovable in the bobbin but didnt have enough thread I thought. Ended up I would have but anyway played it safe. The bobbinn thread will be unnoticabl;e inbetween the waddings anyway when quilt id finished.
needle position one place to the right so perfectly centre position.
Stitch slowish
Put away any letft over thread back into sealed bag over night it gets soft......
feed the top thread on the right hand side of the machine on your table , not in the spool holders it adds too much tension.
hope this works for you....

Anyway I npow have a couple of days cutting away the wadding .... and trying not to cut the fabric ... wish me luck.....

Bev from Pegs Pieces once a month has finished her tumbler quilt and wow ....

How great does it look, the quilting fantastic .. well done Bev

Had my first day at Material Obsession last week and tomorrow is the free motion class. We have another set of classes booked from september if intrested ring the shop.
Kathy is keen to look at a once a month quilting class at Material Obsession in 2015 which would be fantastic  if you would like to make a commitment to emproving your machine quilting and machine applique. please chat to cathy and put your name down.

There is the very first MOdern Quilt Exhibiton being held at Berry this weeknd 4-5 th May  2015, it will be a fantastic event , please come along if you can. 

Thanks for listening 
Happy Quilting 
X DEB                                        


Judi said...

Hi Deborah the applique quilt looks beautiful. How do I get the applique pattern for your quilt?

Deborah Louie said...

thank you Judith its a once a month class in sydney only sorry as teaching is my way I earm my living if you live in sydney contact me about shops this is available

Unknown said...

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