Monday 19 May 2014

Trapunto cut and all ready to quilt

So Sydney  is certainly having the most beautiful autumn weather at the moment. Sure it will change no doubt soon but. I'm enjoying the outdoors walking and wearing still shirt and shorts around the house.

Just an update on the trapunto quilt. The cutting away. Took maybe 10 -12 hours , I did this at night time usually in bed wiTh a cuppa watching a bit of TV for an hour or so. I try to contain it to one room as the fibres and tiny bits of wadding go everywhere. I have small sharp pointed  scissors and a big bag to collect the wadding cuts.

The most difficult was the zig zag and tiny circles, but. I managed not to cut the fabric (which I have managed to do on a few other big quilts) ....

Today I recieved my wide back plain white from After trying at my local patchwork shops first though , so I have no seam at the back at all. I have pinned it out on the pavers out the back again and it has worked well.... Though my back feels it............... 
Must be getting older !!!!
  hundreds of pins were not enough... Never thought I'd ever run out of safety pins in my life time only blue because I has in the shade......

So all ready to start quilting. 
I will do a step by step blog of the quilting and you can go along with me and my progress .
Firstly I have decided to use two different threads .wonderfil invisafil slightly off white in the top and mettler  poly sheen white in the bobbin with a microtex  70 needle. I have Matilda's Own 100% polyester wadding under the trapunto which is matlidas wool poly. I use this as it has the highest loft, but I don't want a super thick end quilt so a medium loft for the majority of the quilt and also it is so white it will keep my white fabric white and bright.

So here I go fingers crossed I don't bugger all this hard work up ......
thanks for listening 
happy Quilting 
x DEB 

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