Friday 25 July 2014

Nancy Crow

Exciting news the very talented contemporary artist Nancy a Crow of the united States  will be teaching in Wellington New Zealand in January 2017. If you are intrested to seen Nancy's work go to the link below .
For details on the course

For bookings and more information  : Contact Kathy Anso on the following email address :

 I would like to say I took a weeks class in 2013 with Nancy , and only now in 2014 I am working on my own body of work.With work commitments and family commitments I was unable to follow through what I was taught staright away when I returned. Only now , in 2014 that I am settled into my new home and sewing room that I feel I can develope my own style. 
Nancy wanted us in the class to work fast, think , feel respond quickly. Work intuitively .... I adore this .... I have never worked harder than in class with Nancy, she will work you, but that's what I was there for. Stitching till all hours of the evening and up very early to finish the day's project was exhilarating. 
At the time honestly I felt overwhelmed, out of my comfort zone,intimidated, terrified some days but I kept kicking the legs , kept swimming so to speak, I never gave up . 
And only 12 months later, after a lot of thought and working through in my mind what the whole weeks work was about , or more to the point finding out what I had learnt because it was not staright away obvious to me. Call me thick.... Probually but I needed that 12 months to absorb this new style  I wanted to develope.
We work on our own interpretation of what Nancy has in stall for us on the day. No two quilts are the same , and you could keep making variations on her theme for months and months.
The accomodation was very comfortable, food delicious company terrific.
This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who loves contemporay quilts , and  can work independently .

Not  for the beginner thats for sure.......

but for the quilter who is after a new spark to their quilting soul. 
believe me Nancy lit a fire under me .....
Nancy told me to Find my own voice .......find my own style ..... and that's what I'm working to do,  I think this will take a life time of quilting to develope but I'm prepared to work and find out. 

Of course my voice means the inclusion of domestic machine quilting in the quilts . I love texture in my quilts. Yours will be something else you love to do....that's the point....

Anyway I'm going in 2017. So if your intrested contact Kathy on the above email.

One of my pieces this year.   Medallion # 2

Thanks for listening

Happy Quilting 

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