Monday 28 July 2014

Another stunning baltimore

Introducing Bev and her stunning completed Balimore. Bev comes to Pegs Peices at Kirrawee for a once a month on a Tuesday. Bev is a delight to have in class. Im amazed how quickly so many people catch on with a quick idea I might come up with and then they absolutly run with it to make the most stunning quilts. Bev found the stripe fabric at Pegs and over a few months we built up her pallet of colours and away she went. Monthly recieving the patterns and 12 months later ba boom..... this stunning top. Then we discussed the quilting and a few months this July the finished spectacular quilt. Stunning........CONGRATULATIONS... this quilt Bev is keeping for herself. Good . May it bring you years of pleasure .

Then there is Sharon and her daisy path quilt.

Sharon also comes to Pegs Pieces on a tuesday once a month , this is Sharons first year with me and  she is stitching beautifully.  Love the flowers right around the border Sharon , lots of cutting petals..... Now for the quilting. 
Sharon also attends Michelle Marvig's once a month piecing class at pegs . This is a terrific idea Michelle is a wizard at piecing ( which I certainly am not) and then comes to me for applique and machine quilting. Perfect .....

July has been a busy month indeed for a lot of us . 

 I woukld like to say HOW VERY MUCH I LOVE the once a month classes. Wonderful to spend time getting to know everyone and really working together to make beautiful quilts .Thank you all for trusting in me and making this monthly commitment. 

This path quilt is by Learne who attends once a month at Hobby Sew FigTree. Learne started with a jelly roll of batiks. So we sorted through them to get together a pallet she was delighted in. It was the lovely caramel browns to chocolate browns and the turqoise blues. Then a black and white paths colourway would not work so well , we went shopping and came up with a huge variety of beautiful blacks, browns ans brown /greys.. Stunning isant it. Now Learne is going home to think about what border option she would like. Learne is a new quilter and I believe has wonderful skills that I am excited about nurturing and developing ... Well done ..... so happy your loving it all Learne ...

Kings Park Hobby Sew Once a moth Fridays   .....This is the latest update on Jenny's  quilt. Now adding  border time. This quilt I cant wait till it is finished to see it all together. It has been so much fun working with Jenny, she is a hoot, so funny she just trusts me and my judgement. Jenny wanted a happy bright quilt and well yes she has it indeed. A big step colour wise from anything else Jenny has made. The stitching is Free motion applique in black. Next month Ill show a close up how amazing the black stitching looks on the bright fabrics. Jenny is a very busy lady with her job and family and always manages to get some stitching in every month. Love it Jen ..

Wendy is another busy working Mum, who inspires me, which is role reversal but works.
I have been showing Wendy how to impro cyurve piecing and off she goes happily trying new techniques. We had our dyeing day earlier this year and Wendy has worked through making blocks using her own dyed fabrics and this is the stunning result. Love it .....

 Till next time 
Thanks for listening 
Happy Quilting 

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