Tuesday 19 April 2016

AQC 2016

Well AQC has ended for another year. The Australian Quit Convention at the Royal Exhibition building at Carlton Gardens Melbourne was a huge success. Congratulations Judy and Garry Newman for another wonderful Convention

The exhibition building before opening

I love this above photo taken right next door to the exhibition building, where it is reflected in the glass of the museum
Michelle Marvig and I travelled together and were roomies, both teaching this year.

We had a lot of fun together, supported each other, helped carry bags, quilts, and enjoyed our time together .This is how it went down.

Thursday  am flight from Sydney met Michelle at the airport checked in , cuppa while we waited to board then nice smooth flight Phew!!!! all the way to Melbourne.
Arrived by a very nice limo to our accommodation at Quest Apartments Royal Gardens .No time to unpack straight across the road to the convention for meeting with Judy Newman to meet other tutors.
There was a buzz with 18 tutors in all teaching for 4 days.
Then off to our class rooms to unpack and set up. I had a room full of 20, Bernina 720's I was very happy....Thank you Bernina Team for all the setting up and the great support throughout the convention.

room 2 for me
 I was pretty happy how nice my room looked. I took an extra suitcase of quilts to line the walls for inspiration. I had 2 x 2 day classes The little Garden Machine Applique and Free form medallion both with 20 students. It very full on and exciting, I  worked hard to make sure everyone was happy and learnt a lot.

 The exhibition hall looked wonderful with the quilts on display.

After room set up back to motel for a  quick change and off to the cocktail Welcome  party. Where they had a photo booth and we needed no excuse to ham it up  with Sue and Sandy from The sewing Connection at Pakenham. I love those ladies so much fun and great company. I am teaching there again this year in August . See my teaching schedule tab for further information.

The vendors hall is terrific only quilt related no extras , I managed to purchase a few bits and pieces and a great new rotary cutter.

 I managed to get a quick look at my quilt "Hair" at the A Matter of Time Collection, and here I am with Brenda Gail Smith the curator of this beautiful exhibition of 32 quilts.

A matter of Time

Susan Carlson from the USA exhibited this amazing crocodile quilt. Made for her son.... wow    huge and so popular very hard to get a decent photo. Susan is one of the loveliest ladies and so much fun. We met a few years ago in NZ at Symposium and she remembered me. He had fun together...She is soooooo  talented oh my goodness...  Crocodiles name is STEVIE more than 6 metres longggggg

Annette Gero had an exhibition of War quilts from 1800-1950 stunning indeed..

Victoria Finlay Wolfe had a collection of quilts with a theme of double wedding ring and these 3 were my favourites.

Classes were terrific the first 2 day class, A Little Garden is Machine decorative stitch applique, It is always hard for students to work on unfamiliar machines but we managed to get through and have a wonderful inspirational time and some great work. They are all so excited to get on their own machines at home and explore their stitches. Thanks ladies I loved the class and your company.

All the flowers are so different and so pretty.

The second class was Free form Medallion and wow they blew me away with the final results. First few hours is a bit scary cutting without rulers and not knowing what you are going to create but they handled it beautiful and look at the results.
A great bunch a ladies. Thanks for the great time

Thank you girls

I had 2 quilts in the tutors exhibition my Jacaranda on George and my A Secret Garden Quilt both doing me proud.

Another cute challenge was the Paws and Whiskers exhibition, celebrating our pets.. oh so cute..

 Sonya Pritchell from New Zealand was awarded the best quilt voted by the public , her stunning cat above...
 Look Doreen MR LOU....

Also I had my Evolution quilt hang with Denise Sargo's winning snow leopard quilt. Mine is called Avoca 20 years on and won viewers choice at Hazelhurst gallery. A wonderful honour.

Saturday evening   was  Gala dinner night. Everyone popped on their finest clothes put on the lippy and danced the evening away. This is my favourite part of AQC to be honest ... I am a party girl if you didn't know it ... love to dance...
We were entertained by Pavarotti, Robbie Williams and Elvis.. woo hoo what a night. The impersonators were all wonderful. Together with a wonderful meal equals to a great time.

The Rajah Award went to the wonderful Beth Miller from Canberra. A sensational choice. This award goes to a person in the quilting industry who has made an extensive contribution to the industry. And Beth has.  Congratulations Beth .

The Shining Light award went to Sofia Uriarte watch out for this talented teenager. Funny though she can quilt like crazy but didn't know who Elvis was, Lorena her mum has something to answer to   Ha Ha    . It was fun....
AQC is a great time for like minded quilters to gather and have time for their art, meet new friends and generally have an amazing time. If you have never been ,try one year to attend I know you will love it . I so enjoyed seeing many of my friends again, quilters are wonderful people and at AQC everyone is so happy and thrilled to be there.

Anyway this tired tutor and her great mate Michelle hopped into a cab and off to the airport where we toasted a terrific time was had a AQC with a champagne. two buggered girls indeed but happy and contented that everything went well. Michelle classes were a huge hit...
Home now for a while for me only Sydney once a month classes which will be lovely.

In July my next away gig is quilt Encounter in South Australia. My first time teaching for the South Australian Guild, so looking forward to it. There I also will catch up with my friend Gina Burgess a terrific quilt tutor . A few champagnes on her top balcony overlooking the vast ocean and town views I can very much handle.

Till Next time Happy Quilting X DEB

On a sad note due to a family illness Vanessa has cancelled my June workshop at Vanessa's wool and Craft in Parkes. Sending you all my love Vanessa .xxx

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Susan Power said...

Wow Deb! Thank you for sharing your fabulous time at ACQ. for a moment there I thought I was danceing at the Gala Dinner.So happy you are enjoying your teaching and sharing your talent with so many like minded ladies. Regards

Susan Power