Tuesday 14 February 2017

lovely exhibition

Last Saturday I went along to Hazelhurst Gallery at Gymea for the opening of 

The Rolina Project and Whispered Threads collection #2

Saturday was a super hot day , but that didn't deter the  terrific crowd of interested  quilters and their families.
Bob James is the curator and tutor of the very lucky quilters who participated in his workshop which was held once a month in 2016 at My sewing Supplies and Material Obsession.

As I understand they were studying Art theory and artists and Bob sent the challenge to take inspiration from the artist Rolina Van Vliet,  to reproduce one of her fabulous painting in textile quilt form. A challenge they embraced and below is a small sample of the art work. There was a mixed range of techniques, applications and styles, very interesting indeed. Speaking to some of my friends who were participants all felt out of their comfort zone , but that's how we grow as artists. A new concept. Congratulations. Lorena Uriarte graciously opened the show. 

The whispered Threads exhibition above photo was from 2016 challenge. This I am a member, A challenge where a secret photo is given to quilter #1 where they are to make a 50 x70 cms small wall quilt inspired by the photo. The photo is then kept till reveal day, quilt #1 given to quilter #2 to be inspired for that month . And so it goes on till all 9 quilters have made their quilts. Only the quilt before yours do you see . it is very exciting to see if the photo theme has come around full circle or completely in a random new direction. No conversation about the quilts  is allowed till reveal.
I am the month of February and have just completed my quilt today ready to hand over the quilter #7. I shall post photos when reveal has happened in a few month time. Until then my lips are sealed.



In February 2016 I was the honoured first tutor for the newly opened shop Berry Quilt and Co. Formally The Berry Quilt Shop.
Owner Sharon has transformed this shop to even a more delightful quilt shop.  The fabrics oh my goodness!!!!!

The shop is arranged in Hue such a feast for the eye....
This really appeals to me and my sense of colour, not in range of designer which is popular. It feels like you are surrounded by a rainbow ...So pretty..

Linen prints are stunning

Excitement when a box of new  fabric arrives.

Sharon made a modern quilt for the latest Sydney Modern quilt show and here she very proudly shows us her quilting. I love this quilt, great work Sharon. Super Woman indeed, Making Quilts , running a shop, and a beautiful family , she is a treasure.

Chris with her free form work working really well.

Ari's Hearts and Lollipops quilt is growing quickly now . Borders are underway.

I have been working on the large version of Daisy Paths quilt which is just about finished.
Phew big job....
I love the sense of satisfaction once a quilt has been completed. From vision to quilt takes a while but I love it .
I am working on the full pattern/ book now which will be available soon.
A full photo of the quilt soon.

Till next time
Happy Quilting
X Deb

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