Friday 3 February 2017

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2017 I wish you all a wonderful creative year.

Summer is my favourite time of the year. I just adore the outdoor life we have here in Sydney.
I seem to get some much more done. 
This has resulted in a very productive 2 months off from teaching.
John and I have had a lovely rest, lots of time relaxing in and around the pool. Paddling away in our kayaks Elvis and Pricilla adventuring some beautiful waterways in and around Sydney. We tend to go out in the mornings and in the afternoons home where I swim and sew, swim and sew, swim and sew......
sew in my of my favourite things.. oops probably too much info for you...
I have also made some progress with the filming of my on line classes . We filmed again in January the second part of "Lets quilt walking foot and theory". I am delighted with the results. Editing is now in progress and when I am happy with the look of the first class we will film "Lets Quilt Free Motion the magical #6". yippee... the second on-line class
Things take time, I have to be patient . Only the very best result, look ,information is what I am after for my classes.
Big steps have been made in the pattern department as well.
The Glam Clams book is printed, Hearts and Lollipops final editing now and Daisy paths is just about finished quilting then that book will be written. Perspex template are all made .
This is very new to me and again only the best quality and information is what I am after.
The books are full colour and beautiful glossy pages.
So I suppose I am self publishing my own books. They are not just pattern books , oh no... full instructions about how to piece, machine applique and machine quilt a project. the full process from start design , colour fabric choice to the final quilted product. Technical information about how to use your sewing machine to its full capacity.
I don't think there is anything out there at the moment with this amount of detail. I'm really thrilled.

I must acknowledge I have some wonderful friends and family around me to help edit, inspire and encourage me with this new adventure I am taking,  Thank you.xx
I will not be wholesaling  the patterns or templates at this time,they will be only available soon on my web site .
Web site that's another job for me very soon to get done.
cover of Hearts and Lollipops book
Cover of Glam Clams book


Daisy Paths so far
Also during the break I filmed a Dvd and made 5 cushions for Quilters Companion magazine. My great friend Michelle Marvig is now the new creative editor, it was so much fun filming with her. We hammed it up quite a bit. Hope the fun bits don't get edited out.
Quilters Companion now have cosy projects there you can find my past projects and Dvd s from the magazine for sale. This is just brand new and I am happy to tell you that my trapunto cushion project was the first to be purchased off the web site. 

Cosy Projects  is VERY separate from my own on line classes. I am producing and selling my own classes later in the year on my own web site and don't worry you will hear about it VERY LOUDLY on social media .

Holidays...... ahhh lovely
But that all changes tomorrow off to My Sewing Supplies at Kirrawee to start the teaching year again.
 This will be my 18th year teaching ..
WOW I'm so grateful to be self employed and loving it...
2017 will be another busy year.
I have listed in the tab teaching schedule where I will be this year , check it out to see if I am close by to you.
I have 10 once a month classes in Sydney
My Sewing Supplies at Kirrawee 5 classes... all full
The Berry Quilt and Co at Berry   an occasional part time seat available contact Sharon 0405516267
The Stitchers Cupboard Narellan....2 classes  all full
Hobby Sew at Kings Park.... 2 classes Fridays Full, Thursdays 1 spot left

On the schedule has where I am travelling teaching  to this year. Some wonderful locations like Alice Springs, Darwin and Christchurch.

Also  I have left some time for me to develop new quilts, new techniques, new on line classes, new projects.
Lots done  lots more to do.
I wish you a sensational 2017

Deborah Louie Tutor/ Facebook   /email

Happy Quilting


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