Thursday 27 April 2017

Getting close now

Launch day is fast approaching for  my on -line classes and books .
 I'm getting excited and some butterflies in my tummy . 

 Monday  1st of May is launch day

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It is said that it takes a village to raise a child.
Well  it takes some wonderful people around me to take the next career step.

I am go grateful for the help of some special people.
Brenda Gael Smith of has been amazing, producing my web site.
Thank you Brenda

Thank you for your support ,encouragement
and belief in me

 Thank you for your support

My family
John, Sam, Claire, Lisa, Megan, Doreen and Roy
Hugs and Kiss thank you

My quilting family
Denise, Jan, Robyn, Kylie,Loz , Kim , Michelle, Katrina and so many more
Hugs Thank you

I was totally unaware of the amount of work this crazy idea I had of launching my own on-line classes on machine quilting and machine applique. You know you have a thought and 10 months later its actually coming to fruition....

Well it's not quite that easy.

But you plug away bit by bit, learn so much along the way and hold your breath and go for it.....
And as I said with amazing friends, the right professionals and family around me its going to happen.
Stay tuned on social media and here for more...

Happy Quilting

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