Sunday, 26 August 2018


  Hope this August post finds you well and happily stitching your latest quilt. 

The last few months have been a little tough here at home with my husband not well,  but fantastic news , he is feeling great again , so things can get back to normal. I have my fingers crossed that now I can spend some time in between tutoring to make new work that I can share with you soon. 

I admit if I have an extended time away from creating  new work, then when I do get the chance , sometimes I can doubt myself, get a little anxious. I call this quilters block... all I have to do is go into my Sewing studio space and sew anything, just start stitching, cutting fabric, sketching and usually by JUST DOING , I calm down and the creative juices start to roll again. JUST DO IT... is my mantra.. 
If this happens to you perhaps try and just sew anything. It does not really matter what you stitch, being around fabric,  just touching, folding or ironing your latest fabric purchase, turning on your machine taking some YOU time is so good for the soul. Sometimes it’s rare to have time to sew but it’s always there for us when we need it. We’re so lucky to be quilters, makers of beautiful art. Something I am very grateful of and to be....

Enough of the mushy stuff......

I have had some really nice workshops lately with students embracing my Quilting Between the Lines class. This free motion quilting technique breaks down the area needed to be filled with quilting into small achievable portions. There is 1 inch , 1/2 inch and a small diamond grid mesh stencils that are accompanied with my Quilting between the lines book. It’s been wonderful to see ladies now happy to free motion quilt their quilts with many new designs. I have even had some past students from years ago come to this class renewed with new inspiration and skills.
Here is a few photos of students work from Rosemount Patchwork with Teressa at her weekend retreat a few weeks ago down the beautiful south coast. 

Quilting  between the lines book and stencils 

Pebble quilting on Dads Dahlia using the 1/2 inch grid for even sized pebbles , and pebbles in pattern formations. 

 The stencils with the quilt white pounce pad in action. 

My “Quilting between the lines “ book and 3grid mesh stencils available on my web site shop.

  Keep an eye out here and on my Facebook page Deborah Louie Tutor for Youtube grid quilting designs coming soon. 

My teaching schedule is on the web site 

I am hosting 2 classes at Carinya Studio which is located south west of Sydney at Pheasants Nest,  that I would like to share with you.

The first is “Know your BERNINA Series 5 and 7 machine day “

Learn the beautiful features of your machine that a quilter needs.
We will explore the different feet I use to make my quilts, how to maximise the different setting features of the machine, the open toe embroidery foot and the wonderful decorative stitches, walking foot, BSR free motion quilting, free motion quilting, how to adjust tension, threads to use, needles, the memory features to save your favourite settings , maintenance, cleaning and much more , note this does not include the embroidery module.

Class is on FRIDAY 12 October  9 am arrival for 9:30 start with 4:45 finish. 
Spoil yourself with a delicious lunch, morning and afternoon teas provided in this lovely studio. For $95.00 per student.
Please email me for more details and booking form.

The second class I have is “Dads Dahlia “ at Carinya Studio.
This 2 day machine appliqué workshop is booking quickly with only a few spots remaining. 
We will stitch some beautiful decorative stitches on the 4 sizes of petal shapes, stitch trapunto appliqué , sketch appliqué and finish with grid pebble quilting the background. 
Workshop is Saturday and Sunday November 10-11 th 2018 , $195.00 per student 

Enjoy delicious lunches , morning and afternoon teas for the 2 days, glossy full colour Dads Dahlia book and pattern also given on the day.
There is some simple preparation of fusible petal shapes to do before class,  so studio time is spent stitching and learning new skills. 
Class times 9:00 for 9:30 start till 4:45 both days. 
There is nearby a few comfortable motel accomodation options at Bargo only 7 mins away if you would like  to grab a few quilting friends and make a weekend of it. 

Email Deborah      For more information and booking details.


Some recent lovely work by my clever students below . Enjoy..

Daisy Paths by Julie , now at quilting stage . Wonderful work.

 Ali made my Christmas Lotus May into a decorative stitched table cloth and detail below 
Pattern available on my web site shop.

Joy and her version of A secret garden runner. Such an achievement a huge amount of work.

Such a pretty medallion centre of Daisy Paths by Robyn... beautiful

Glamorous Clams looking beautiful.

Daisy Paths bag this time not a cushion . Cute to shop with..

Enjoy your stitching time. Till next time. 

Happy Quilting 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Winter gloom.....

Hi, and welcome
Here in Sydney its winter, we are having wonderful sunny days but cold mornings and evenings. I don’t do well in winter, ill put that out there. I tend to get a little gloomy,  you know with head colds and all that this time of the year brings...there is something in that saying FLY north for the winter!!!!!!!   Indeed.... 
I do hope your spirits are high and happily stitching away. 

I have had a lovely recent addition to my sewing machine family..... A wonderful  Bernina Q20 free motion machine with the fold down extension table. Very exciting .... Here is Bernadette and Ian from MY Sewing Supplies Kirrawee who very bravely climbed our 50 odd stairs  to the top level of my home carrying the big heavy box . They installed my machine in no time. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. thank you...
Here to contact MSS  

At first I had it in a spare room which I was sharing with John and his miniature soldier models. But after rearranging my studio space I have the Big B (I’m calling her that ) next to my loan 570 and 770 Bernina’s.  We’re one happy family together.  
I have been very busy teaching way to much to really sit and enjoy the machine as much as I would love to. But that will come ...

 I did have a few hours stitching a new colour way of Mums Hibiscus 🌺. I was getting thread breakages constantly. I know not to blame the machine... its me not doing something right.. Yes thats right, I was trying to stitch through 9, yes 9 layers of fabric, fusible, and stabiliser. No wonder I had thread issues. As soon as I popped a new 100 topstitch needle in the machine and popped a thread netting, I call them stockings. , over the cone. PROBLEM SOLVED.   Woo hoo 5 hours of happy stitching....  

Theory..... the larger the number of the needle the larger the hole it makes in the fabric. The shaft is I had many layers of course it needed a large needle ... and a Topstitch needle has a large long eye so the thread does not heat up and break.   Solution....SWEET!!!!!! 

The newest colourway of Mums Hibiscus is above. I started to quilt the background with a grid 1/2 inch pop design and I am unhappy with the light blue background. So I have cut the hibiscus  away from the background fabric. I will include this pink hibiscus with 2 others for the wall quilt version. Never  give up on a piece I just re work it.

Above is the original Mums Hibiscus which I am really happy with. All raw edge appliqué, free motion sketch blending colours together . I loved making and designing this flower a great deal.

Dads Dahlia below was the first of this series of large flowers with grid free motion quilting the backgrounds. New glossy full instructional books and patterns will be available late this year on my web site. Ill keep you in the know when they are available.  

I have just returned from the south coast of NSW for the  ROSEMOUNT the Patchwork shop in MOGO’s annual retreat.  My second year running. We had the luxury of a brand new hall to conduct the workshop in with loads of space . Teressa runs a wonderful retreat. It was lovely meeting some ladies that I have taught many years ago and they had come back to extend their free motion quilting skills. We did a 2 day Quilting between the lines grid quilting class.
I am thrilled with the results, the ladies embraced my new designs beautifully and now have many more patterns and ideas to add to their collection. We had a lot of fun. I really enjoy classes especially when lots of questions are fired at me. Give me a challenge , push me , ask away all the questions you can think up. It’s your class your there to learn and expand your skills. Please if your in one of my classes DONT be shy, ask away.....

Teressa is planning of having me back again in 2019 and we will do Dads Dahlia. A decorative trapunto stitched flower with sketch applique  and grid pebble quilting wall quilt or cushion.... 

Teressa from Rosemount with me here 

Thumbs up one happy girl 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

BERNINA is celebrating its 125 years anniversary this year, along with some fantastic new machines they are having a big celebration here in Sydney. At Rosehill Racecourse on the 24th October 2018.  This will be a wonderful celebration , if your interested contact your local dealer or Bernina Australia for more details. Ill be there....    I have made a special Glamorous clams project for the occasion......

The Embroiderer’s Guild OF NSW have  a wonderful upcoming  event of CONTEMPORARY MACHINE STITCH. I have been asked to run my ONE day Glamorous Clams workshop on 7th October which is a Sunday. This being held at their sensational office, studio, exhibition space in Concord West in Sydney . This very popular class explores the possibilities of your decorative stitches on the sewing machine. 
Interested please contact the guild office with the link below: or phone 0297432501. There is a full program of classes, exhibitions and activities to emerge yourself in during their celebrations.embroiderers guild

 My web site has my teaching schedule for the remainder of this year and also for 2019. 
You will also find my 3 online teaching classes and my skill building books with immediate delivery all over the world. 

Thanks for joining me , till next time
 Happy Stitching 
X Deb 

Monday, 2 July 2018

Show week 2018

The annual Quilt NSW show was on June 20-24th and what a spectacular event.  It was held at The convention Centre at Darling Harbour Sydney.

The cute social media buttons we were given to share on social media are a hit and the perfect way to share this event. 

One of the highlights for me is the set up day on the Tuesday. To head on into the city on a bitterly cold winters day, and see the massive hall empty, then about 60 volunteers with their flouro safety vests on, work together as a team to erect the quilt stands, the dividers, the stage area, the prize area, the groups areas etc is fabulous. I love it ... It’s a big day but so much fun. I really enjoy chatting to different members as I rarely get a chance to go to the meetings. 

 We are grouped into teams , handed a folder which contains the row number and all the details to get the quilt stands up. The stands are heavy metal with spanners and bolts to lock in. This year we had a chance to try out a new lighter click in system which gets my thumbs up !!! So much easier. Once the frames are up another army of quilt volunteers come in and hang the quilts. This is the chance to have a close look at the quilts. There is even a Hangers prize ....

 Up we go on ladders , with tables to unpack the quilts which have been all labelled , numbered etc . So much work has gone into the preparation before we get to hang them. 
I get asked why cant all of one category be grouped together? Instead of all over . Well its because the quilts are of different sizes. Not all appliqué quilts are one size. The quilts are hung in size as an example, so all the 150 cm wide quilts are grouped together. This is because of the frame system and continuity . All super large quilts are together on super large frames as the next photo below shows. 

The stage area and my “shattered squares “ quilt had a terrific spot . 

Boards are up , quilts hanging looking smart and beautiful 

. The hoop display. Members are being asked to make a small round quilt for this display. Every year it gets bigger. I forgot to take a closer photo of mine oops.... It’s fun looking at the display and working out who’s quilt is who’s . Some are very obvious because of that artists style but some not so obvious. Fun.... looked great spinning ....

 I have the pleasure to work with our President Megan Manwarring to hang the BEST OF AUSTRALIA, and BEST OF STATES 2017 quilts.
White gloves on for these spectacular work. We endeavour to get the very best position to showcase the magnificent award winners. Below is Best of NSW on the left and Best of Australia 2017.

Judging is held the weekend before the show over 2 days. This year the winners received an email stating they have received a prize. What prize is unknown until the awards ceremony. I was super excited to get the email. We had a button below that we could share on social media , which was a lot of  fun to share and watch as other members shared their excitement too. 

I was so thrilled to receive 2ND prize for Professional Pieced Quilt..... me pieced ... wow . And to knock me off my feet completely I received Best Contemporary Quilt Professional award as well..... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That’s why I have this silly grin on my face in front of  “Shattered Squares ”. In fact I’m still smiling. 
Shattered Squares is the quilt and I will share my next blog post about this unexpected , run by the seat of my pants style of quilt making .....

Dads Dahlia did me proud also hanging  in the show. I didn’t get a photo from the show but here is the cover of the book Dads Dahlia which will be available on my web site very soon.  I put the quilt in  The Modern category. 

I would like to sincerely thank the following sponsors for my prizes :



To top off a perfect day I was awarded by Quilt NSW  20 years Certificate of Recognition.  20 years of exhibiting quilts... cool hey.   Wonder if I could get to 40 years?  I have been a member since 1992 and exhibited most years. I love being part of the excitement part of a community of like minded people who adore making quilts. There is so much opportunity to be a part of QuiltNSW if you are after some volunteer work , there would be a place for   
  You in the guild I’m sure.  Contact the guild office for details. 

As a small business owner it was my pleasure to sponsor a small category 2nd Prize appliqué amateur.  Lyall Willis was the winner . Her quilt “Flower Garden and Critters was fabulous , so well deserved. So much detail in her decorative stitching... very creative and inspiring..   Congratulations Lyall it was a pleasure to meet you. Keep up the fabulous stitching. 

As a tutor  I have the honour to mentor and guide  some wonderfully talented quilters month by month. This year 3 students had quilts on display. I am so thrilled for you all, your quilts looked amazing hanging . Congratulations and wasn’t it fun to be part of the show.  

Kylie Biddle and her version of  my Spring floral Garden Baltimore.  This quilt  is stunning... well done Kylie.. 
Kylie is a full time teacher and mum but still makes time to work on her art. Kylie chose to sketch appliqué colour on colour her raw fused edges which gives the quilt a young fresh modern touch. AND Kylie domestic machine quilted this quilt herself. YAHH 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼  The quilt was ditched in all of the appliqué first then a small echo based design in the background to pop out the flowers. The hero fabric was a sweet print where Kylie used this fabric for the sashing as well.  Love it Kylie and Congratulations. Xx Proud of you....

Gail Sadleir  worked really hard , very dedicated to make her original design “Hexie Delight”, wow so strong, graphic . Each hexagon was raw edge fussy cut decorative stitched into a diamond shape then appliqué on to the background fabric. Gail used many many decorative stitches on her sewing machine so beautifully.  Gail free motion quilted the background navy with free flowing feathers so well.  Congratulations Gail, it was so much fun working with you on this quilt, Thank you for trusting your instincts and let the quilt have its say on what to do next . Well done . X 

Fiona Mcdonald also had a quilt hanging.  I’m sorry Fiona I didn’t get a photo of your label to show the name etc.. My apologies. Your quilt looks wonderful. The colour pallet we chose together I think works so well. Your use of the decorative stitches and the way you have applied them on the flowers is perfect. This is not an easy quilt to make , many hours on the machine  experimenting with stitches, threads , colours , free motion quilting etc and you have done a might great job. Congratulations .. x  

A few of my favourite quilts now from the show. The quilt makers details are on the following photo. Enjoy. For more photos of the show please visit 

All hand stitched beautifully. 

 Catherine Butterworth is the maker here WOW ... what a quilt so clever

My friend Katrina Hadjimichael and her latest in the Jane Austin series.. delightful 

 Caroline Sullivan and her work is a favourite of mine and my sisters. We had a lovely chat to Caroline , the texture Caroline gets with her hand stitching with her hand dyed fabrics . Ah. Perfect !!!! 

These quilts by Anna Brown were stunning  so clever. Lovely to meet you Anna. Loved your work. 

My mate Michelle Marvig and her wonderful piecing, looks sensational. Love this quilt.....

I did have the most fabulous day and to share it with my Sister Doreen and wonderful quilting friends ( you know who you) was very special indeed. 
Thank you.xx

The Quilt NSW committee, Show Committee and volunteers all worked hard to put a wonderful quilt show. I sincerly would like to thank everyone who helped make the show the sucess it was.  THANK YOU... 
  My latest book. Quilting Between the Lines is a hit, everyone loves the 3 grid stencils, makes free motion quilting so much easier.
 Please visit my web site more skill building books , on line machine quilting classes and teaching schedule 

Happy Quilting 
Till next time 
X Deb