Monday, February 13, 2017

lovely exhibition

Last Saturday I went along to Hazelhurst Gallery at Gymea for the opening of 

The Rolina Project and Whispered Threads collection #2

Saturday was a super hot day , but that didn't deter the  terrific crowd of interested  quilters and their families.
Bob James is the curator and tutor of the very lucky quilters who participated in his workshop which was held once a month in 2016 at My sewing Supplies and Material Obsession.

As I understand they were studying Art theory and artists and Bob sent the challenge to take inspiration from the artist Rolina Van Vliet,  to reproduce one of her fabulous painting in textile quilt form. A challenge they embraced and below is a small sample of the art work. There was a mixed range of techniques, applications and styles, very interesting indeed. Speaking to some of my friends who were participants all felt out of their comfort zone , but that's how we grow as artists. A new concept. Congratulations. Lorena Uriarte graciously opened the show. 

The whispered Threads exhibition above photo was from 2016 challenge. This I am a member, A challenge where a secret photo is given to quilter #1 where they are to make a 50 x70 cms small wall quilt inspired by the photo. The photo is then kept till reveal day, quilt #1 given to quilter #2 to be inspired for that month . And so it goes on till all 9 quilters have made their quilts. Only the quilt before yours do you see . it is very exciting to see if the photo theme has come around full circle or completely in a random new direction. No conversation about the quilts  is allowed till reveal.
I am the month of February and have just completed my quilt today ready to hand over the quilter #7. I shall post photos when reveal has happened in a few month time. Until then my lips are sealed.



In February 2016 I was the honoured first tutor for the newly opened shop Berry Quilt and Co. Formally The Berry Quilt Shop.
Owner Sharon has transformed this shop to even a more delightful quilt shop.  The fabrics oh my goodness!!!!!

The shop is arranged in Hue such a feast for the eye....
This really appeals to me and my sense of colour, not in range of designer which is popular. It feels like you are surrounded by a rainbow ...So pretty..

Linen prints are stunning

Excitement when a box of new  fabric arrives.

Sharon made a modern quilt for the latest Sydney Modern quilt show and here she very proudly shows us her quilting. I love this quilt, great work Sharon. Super Woman indeed, Making Quilts , running a shop, and a beautiful family , she is a treasure.

Chris with her free form work working really well.

Ari's Hearts and Lollipops quilt is growing quickly now . Borders are underway.

I have been working on the large version of Daisy Paths quilt which is just about finished.
Phew big job....
I love the sense of satisfaction once a quilt has been completed. From vision to quilt takes a while but I love it .
I am working on the full pattern/ book now which will be available soon.
A full photo of the quilt soon.

Till next time
Happy Quilting
X Deb

Thursday, February 2, 2017

back to buisness

2017 I wish you all a wonderful creative year.

Summer is my favourite time of the year. I just adore the outdoor life we have here in Sydney.
I seem to get some much more done. 
This has resulted in a very productive 2 months off from teaching.
John and I have had a lovely rest, lots of time relaxing in and around the pool. Paddling away in our kayaks Elvis and Pricilla adventuring some beautiful waterways in and around Sydney. We tend to go out in the mornings and in the afternoons home where I swim and sew, swim and sew, swim and sew......
sew in my of my favourite things.. oops probably too much info for you...
I have also made some progress with the filming of my on line classes . We filmed again in January the second part of "Lets quilt walking foot and theory". I am delighted with the results. Editing is now in progress and when I am happy with the look of the first class we will film "Lets Quilt Free Motion the magical #6". yippee... the second on-line class
Things take time, I have to be patient . Only the very best result, look ,information is what I am after for my classes.
Big steps have been made in the pattern department as well.
The Glam Clams book is printed, Hearts and Lollipops final editing now and Daisy paths is just about finished quilting then that book will be written. Perspex template are all made .
This is very new to me and again only the best quality and information is what I am after.
The books are full colour and beautiful glossy pages.
So I suppose I am self publishing my own books. They are not just pattern books , oh no... full instructions about how to piece, machine applique and machine quilt a project. the full process from start design , colour fabric choice to the final quilted product. Technical information about how to use your sewing machine to its full capacity.
I don't think there is anything out there at the moment with this amount of detail. I'm really thrilled.

I must acknowledge I have some wonderful friends and family around me to help edit, inspire and encourage me with this new adventure I am taking,  Thank you.xx
I will not be wholesaling  the patterns or templates at this time,they will be only available soon on my web site .
Web site that's another job for me very soon to get done.
cover of Hearts and Lollipops book
Cover of Glam Clams book


Daisy Paths so far
Also during the break I filmed a Dvd and made 5 cushions for Quilters Companion magazine. My great friend Michelle Marvig is now the new creative editor, it was so much fun filming with her. We hammed it up quite a bit. Hope the fun bits don't get edited out.
Quilters Companion now have cosy projects there you can find my past projects and Dvd s from the magazine for sale. This is just brand new and I am happy to tell you that my trapunto cushion project was the first to be purchased off the web site. 

Cosy Projects  is VERY separate from my own on line classes. I am producing and selling my own classes later in the year on my own web site and don't worry you will hear about it VERY LOUDLY on social media .

Holidays...... ahhh lovely
But that all changes tomorrow off to My Sewing Supplies at Kirrawee to start the teaching year again.
 This will be my 18th year teaching ..
WOW I'm so grateful to be self employed and loving it...
2017 will be another busy year.
I have listed in the tab teaching schedule where I will be this year , check it out to see if I am close by to you.
I have 10 once a month classes in Sydney
My Sewing Supplies at Kirrawee 5 classes... all full
The Berry Quilt and Co at Berry   an occasional part time seat available contact Sharon 0405516267
The Stitchers Cupboard Narellan....2 classes  all full
Hobby Sew at Kings Park.... 2 classes Fridays Full, Thursdays 1 spot left

On the schedule has where I am travelling teaching  to this year. Some wonderful locations like Alice Springs, Darwin and Christchurch.

Also  I have left some time for me to develop new quilts, new techniques, new on line classes, new projects.
Lots done  lots more to do.
I wish you a sensational 2017

Deborah Louie Tutor/ Facebook   /email

Happy Quilting


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What a year its been 2016

Round up of 2016

Well that time again, where we all have a chance to reflect on the year that was. Its been a big year again. I am very grateful for many people and events this year in my life. 
Wonderful friends have come into my life and given me so much support , encouragement and their time and skills to help me so much this year. You know who you are a huge THANK YOU.

 I have had the absolute pleasure to travel to wonderful places, teach terrific quilters and meet new friends. My once a month ladies you have taken your skills further and this I am very proud of. Onward!!!!! 

I am venturing into a slightly new direction with teaching on line classes. I had this thought if I could reach quilters in remote areas , quilters who don't like to attend face to face workshops, maybe even a few international quilters, who knows. I have started to film the first class walking foot and theory. I have taught this for 17 years now, gee it has flown by.  I will still travel and teach that's not going to change just allowing me a little more time at home to develop new techniques new quilts , new classes. these classes will be a life time access, and stop and start at any time for one low once only fee. Available through my web site   in mid 2017

This filming process is so different to filming a DVD with Quilters Companion magazine. Its just me and the camera. I had a lot of fun, but we were unlucky with the weather, the wind came up really strong we soldiered on but re filming certain sections in early 2017 will be a must. I think I will have a bloopers section at the end for a laugh.....the classes are shot in my sewing space, relaxed , informative and personable is my main aim.

Me filming in my home

Another new direction will be patterns,. My popular quilts I am in the process of re making and writing patterns for them and having them on line and printed. Something new for me , a huge amount of work but I'm plugging away.

Hearts and lollipops will be the first . Machine decorative stitched machine quilted all instructions to make the quilt and quilting are in the pattern.

Second pattern which I am making now is a re make of my Daisy Paths quilt
There will be 3 sizes a cushion, runner and large quilt  below is the runner in progress.
More to come in the future with perhaps Debs favourite tools and  notions on my web site as well. Who Knows !!!!!

 It all takes time and patience and believe me I want it all yesterday but I just have to breath and plod along. I'm hoping by mid 2017 at least 2 classes and 2 patterns will be available. So Ill keep in touch.

I would like to share with you some of the work that has been finished this year in class.
Be prepared to be blown away by the beautiful quilts of my very talented  students .

I wish you and your friends and family a very Merry Christmas.
All the very best for 2017
Happy quilting
X Deb

My apologies to any work I have left out. 
I am so thrilled for you all
Great work everyone
Very proud of you