Monday, 8 May 2017

Sew Fab at Narrandera visit

Just home last night from SEW FAB Narrandera teaching for 4 days for the lovely Leanne.

Leanne has only recently come into town (so to speak) with her shop. The shop was just 2 blocks away from the main street but now has a shop front which is wonderful.

Narrandera is around the Wagga Wagga, Griffith region. Travel by small plane takes an hour( ish ) to get there. Such a pretty shop full of delightful vintage treasures like miniature sewing machines, dolls, toys etc, a lovely touch to make the shop very warm , welcoming and cosy.

The old building I think was a bank with a couple of vaults still there. This adds to the character of the shop.

I have taught for Leanne 4 years in a row now  and it has been wonderful to watch her store grow,. Leanne is truly a lovely caring owner who wants the best for her ladies. As a Bernina dealer I had access to a Bernina 770 while I am there so  very comfortable feels like home.

We we all very spoil with loads of delicious foods and stock from the shop in the hall which she hired for the workshops so we all had plenty of space.

I am thrilled with the results from the Daisy paths 2 day workshop as you can see some beautiful cushions and runners in the making.

When I return to shops or groups it is always wonderful to spend time with the ladies after class as well. We had dinner each night together catching up if we have met before of getting to know each other if new friends. 

The first 2 days I taught the Let's quilt machine quilting 2 day class. These are : 

The Let's Quilt Walking Foot and Theory, as well as  Let's Quilt Free motion quilting The magical 6 are now as On Line classes for all to learn from. You can learn from the comfort of your own home a one on class with me. So easy to access and enjoy the classes. Watch the classes many times as you like, stop and start at anytime. Total control of your viewing. 

We were very lucky to have a private viewing of the home next door. Wow , a beautiful old home which was a Mutual Society building but now converted into a home. The owners are massive antique collectors with a HUGE doll collection.   
Dolls everywhere beautifully displayed in cabinets, rare dolls, collections like Alice in wonderland , The wizard of Oz etc...

I am very thankful for the beautiful smooth  flight home fly last night, this one I actually relaxed and watched the sun set. 

Thank you ladies I had a terrific time , you did wear me out so I am having a relaxed chilled day off today.
Happy quilting 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A great launch

I am so thrilled with the interest in my new web site.

Thank you for your lovely comments and encouragement everyone.
If you have not seen the introduction  video here it is for you:

I had a lot of fun filming the classes. They are filmed in my sewing space at home in Sydney, so you can see exactly where I make my quilts. It is not a huge room by any means but a very light filled happy spot for me.
The two on line classes are from my Lets quilt class range.
  Walking Foot and Theory class, that has been so popular since I started teaching in 2000. Of course it is not the same lesson as way back then I have evolved into a professional tutor giving the best quality information as I possibly can. With this class I am able to give so much more information than in a standard class room situation. I even quilt quilts for you to really see what can be achieved on your domestic machine.
 I have broken the class into 3 chapters

1. Tools of the trade

Where I explain everything you will need for great machine quilting. Needles, threads, battings, table set up , machine setup, marking tools and my original sandwiching technique of outside first pinning method and spray basting method.  


2. Techniques -On the machine

Where we look at how the walking foot works , neat and easy stop and start, how to memorize your settings on the machine, how to used different weight threads and understand your machines tension. Quilting with decorative stitches , my lift and drag technique, working efficiently on the machine, not struggling and turning quilts , working smart not hard . Beautiful stitch in the ditch work, yes I ditch all seams first to make my quilts strong, flat and then free motion quilt after binding if you like . Free motion quilt when you re ready , Your tops become quilts after this lesson. Add more quilting when you are ready.....

3. Theory

Here I show a gallery of over 30 different quilts and fully explain how and where I have quilted and where some of my students have quilted the quilt. After viewing this you WILL be able to quilt your own quilts on a domestic machine of any size......
there is a quick stroll around my sewing space to finish off just to get to know me a little more.

Free Motion The magical 6

This is the next class. A wonderful class to teach you free motion quilting. I will have you learning to control your work. You don't need to stitch at a million miles an hour , slow down and stop, think about where you need to go next . I stop  and break down a huge library of practical and beautiful designs for you to enjoy and practice in your own time.
Designs like spirals, pebbles, echo quilting, shadow quilting, flowers, leaves, teardrops, Ms, Baptist fans, and the best learning design of all the magical 6.
I am confidant you will love this class I have loved making it for you.
Please have a look and see for yourself.
More classes are coming.
I know this way of learning might be new for you. It is the best way now for me to get my message out there that "If I can quilt on my home machine so can you." It is impossible for me to keep travelling so much I still will be a travelling tutor but not as often as I have over the last 17 years . Being more at home to create new quilts into new classes. win for us all.
When you log into the web site there is a
Full class descriptions are there for you
That will take you to the shopping cart, then from there is very easy.
You will log in with your email, password and start to enjoy your class.




I believe this to be great value, especially when you are learning something new to go over a skill many times is the best way to learn... repetition and I will be there all the way for you.
Comments I have received so far :
* Wonderful class Deb I feel as if you are teaching only me.
*Great teaching Great information
*Love it !!!!
*Wow Deborah I get it now Thank you
and that was only after day 2 on line.

The web site has my other new venture and that is self publishing skill building books and templates.

My next blog I will write in more detail. I am very proud of the information in these books. Not only how to make and applique the projects but how to domestic machine quilt it as well.

 Imagine that..... a whole process book.....

Inside the Glamorous Clams book  with templates included
Inside the hearts and lollipops book with templates included
Inside the Daisy Paths Cushion and Runner Book , templates included  with full size A3 pattern sheets
But for now, that is all till next time.
 I'm off to catch a plane to teach at
SEW FAB Narrandera  
Happy Quilting

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Getting close now

Launch day is fast approaching for  my on -line classes and books .
 I'm getting excited and some butterflies in my tummy . 

 Monday  1st of May is launch day

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It is said that it takes a village to raise a child.
Well  it takes some wonderful people around me to take the next career step.

I am go grateful for the help of some special people.
Brenda Gael Smith of has been amazing, producing my web site.
Thank you Brenda

Thank you for your support ,encouragement
and belief in me

 Thank you for your support

My family
John, Sam, Claire, Lisa, Megan, Doreen and Roy
Hugs and Kiss thank you

My quilting family
Denise, Jan, Robyn, Kylie,Loz , Kim , Michelle, Katrina and so many more
Hugs Thank you

I was totally unaware of the amount of work this crazy idea I had of launching my own on-line classes on machine quilting and machine applique. You know you have a thought and 10 months later its actually coming to fruition....

Well it's not quite that easy.

But you plug away bit by bit, learn so much along the way and hold your breath and go for it.....
And as I said with amazing friends, the right professionals and family around me its going to happen.
Stay tuned on social media and here for more...

Happy Quilting

Monday, 17 April 2017

Alice Springs

I have just hopped off the plane after a very enjoyable teaching trip to Alice Springs. The Alice Springs Quilters are a wonderful productive, passionate group of quilters.
Their hospitality was very generous and I enjoyed my time there so much.

The Alice Springs Quilters have the most wonderful craft /Art /gallery/shop space. There are large open  rooms for quilters, potters, jewellery makers, all artist to come and go and enjoy their art. A wonderful resource space well used for the locals.
workshop space

room for all artists
an old flying doctors plane in the area

famous visitors to perform in the auditorium space

On the Thursday evening my day of arrival we had a show and chat where I bought 2 large suitcases full of quilts to show and talk about. I love these occasions to inspire others. Not the formal My Journey thing.... but more informal show a quilt and explain techniques, inspiration and how did I make it.
Then it was down to classes where the ladies were very open and enjoyed my classes. Lets Quilt walking foot and Lets quilt Free motion , free motion quilting using stencils and Glam Clams were the 4 classes. The group is ready to quilt their own quilts now
In the afternoons and evening I was kindly taken out to enjoy the sights of Alice...

We went close to sunset to Simpsons Gap an amazing quiet spiritual space where rock wallabies come out from the boulders to feed at night. There was rain a few weeks prior and I was so lucky to see the water in the river. A fun BBQ in the evening in the picnic area finished off a sensational day. 

I first met the Alice Springs quilters last year at quilt Encounter in Adelaide. They were a fun group and we hit it off very well. They asked me there would I come to Alice... YES!!!!!
Barb is a gem... she gave me the hint of the bread clips as masking tape ends.
Here above is Lisa and Barb discussing a quilt in Barbs home. Barb has an amazing quilt space such a delightful lady. Lisa is the workshop coordinator and she did a wonderful job ensuring not only I was happy and comfortable but everyone who attended.
Barbs front screen door, isn't it amazing. No sneaking home late without waking anyone.....
All the best ladies Happy quilting
I am very excited to soon announce my online classes and books with templates Very VERY  soon on my web site.
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Happy Quilting

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Never know where inspiartion arrises from

I am happily  busy this week writing the book for Daisy Paths Cushion and Runner. Thank you for your patience , it is happening very soon now.

I am thrilled with the response so far to the books its been so positive Thank you.
They will be available on the web site 

in May  when the new web site is up and running but if you would like a copy of Hearts and Lollipops, or Glam clams before then please email me
and I can send these out to you. See last post if you would like to see the projects.

My books are all self published and sold through me.
I am committed to making not only beautiful projects for you to make, but also providing full SKILL BUILDING information in every book.

They are big thick glossy books full of information.

I will have a big social media promotion when  this all goes live.

On Saturday we are filming the second on-line class here at my home Lets Quilt Free motion the Magical #6. This is the second class that I will have available also on the web site.

It will not be available anywhere else except my web site . Again self publishing or producing my on line presence. Getting out there great practical, good quilting techniques which are easy to follow .

Here are some of the designs I will be showing in the course.

Echo based filling designs

Flowers and below more flowers

Spirals  and wave spirals

Roman squares and friends

Tear drops and co.

Magical #6 as a all over pattern

I was asked by Bernina to quilt up a sample for AQC in Melbourne this year. They will have the beautiful Q20 machines for you to stitch on . The sample I was asked to quilt what I liked so I had some fun on my Bernina 770.  There will be a collection of these small quilts from other quilters to see at the Bernina stand.

Before Quilting

After quilting result where I added lots more flowers in her hair and tendrils everywhere. Thanks Bernina Australia for including me.

On the weekend I went to Singleton country NSW  to teach the group machine quilting.
what fun, they are a lively enthusiastic bunch. I had a ball.
Not only did they love the class but they inspired me in some funny unexpected ways.
Thank you Gail for organising the weekend .

Look at these stockings  wow !!! solves a problem I was having ... more later
No names to protect the wearer!!!!!

Ummmmm......  inspiration here for more applique ......I wonder......

beautiful black detail stitching .....

And in the powder room a  stunning vintage chair   look at those #6 there

Just a couple of show and tells from last weeks class

Kylie brought in her Dr Who quilt , she made this for her lucky Hubby , who was hesitant to hand over for show and tell. Beautiful quilting .... woo hoo.....

some stunning Glam Clams on the go ready for outside stitching now.

Free motion quilting Hearts and Lollipops quilt Yah......

Off to set up my room for filming
Till next time

Happy Quilting

X Deb