Friday, 15 January 2021

Hope is in the air.....

2021 Hope is in the air.....

A huge THANK YOU to you for your support in 2020. 
If you read this blog, my Instagram or FaceBook posts, thank you. Deborah Louie Tutor is the best FaceBook site for me.
If you purchased a book or an online class from my web site, thank you. 
If you purchased one of my books from a quilt shop thank you. 
I am so grateful for your support , and I hope you enjoy my skill building information.

My heart goes out to other countries who are suffering right now with more disastrous Covid 19 cases. Stay safe and happy stitching to you.....May an ending of this pandemic be swift.

MY teaching year for 2021 looks healthy and I am optimistic we can attend the shops, groups and events that are planned in a safe, happy environment. 
My teaching schedule is now on my web
I hope to see you at an event in the near future. 

I am working on some really lovely new work at the moment and will share once completed and a class program has been finalised. Having the time at home stitching on the machine is wonderful  after writing 
3 books is refreshing and fun.
Mind you it was hard at first to get into a creative new space again... I suppose not a writers block but a quilters block!!! Thank goodness I am excited again everyday to get up into my room and stitch.

Im super proud of my new book  Let's Quilt - The Theory of Walking Foot Quilting.  

A comprehensive guide to quilting your own quilts on your domestic sewing machine. All of my years experience of machine quilting in one book. If you have taken this face to face class or online class with me this is the most update version and so much more information. I highly recommend this book and have been told it is their bible for machine quilting.  Which is wonderful to hear....

This wonderful book is also available at 

My Sewing Supplies Sylvania NSW
Hobby Sew Kings park and Fig Tree
Berry Quilt and Co Berry NSW
Amitie Textiles Torquay Victoria
Otto and Penny sewing Centre South Australia
Sew Fab Narranderah
Kimz Sewing Warana Qld
Sewing Connection Pakenham Vic
Stitched and Framed Port Macquarie NSW
Rosemount The Patchwork store Mogo NSW
BERNINA sewing Centre Taurunga NZ
Burnells BERNINA Wangaro WA
The Ribbon Rose Auckland NZ

All info on threads, needles, tension, walking feet, decorative stitch quilting, long hand look stitching in 12 weight cotton threads to achieve textural quilting, stitch in the ditch, how to sandwich quilts and the all important theory. How do you quilt a large quilt on a small domestic sewing machine? 
 Let me show you how easy it can be.....

Come along with me in my studio in Sydney as I show you step by step the full process I take when quilting my quilts. 

End of the quilt as desired line  Really what does that mean ?????
.......Im here to show you how....

Quilt Stories 

Lisa Walton and I had a lovely chat a few weeks ago about Glamorous Clams. How it all started, how to decorative stitch appliqué and where to next. Check it out on line

Once a moth skill building classes

For those in Sydney my once a month classes are starting in February at the following locations

Sew Can I Werrington.  First Thursday of each month
Berry Quilt and Co 3rd Tuesday of each month
My Sewing Supplies the 4 th Tuesday, Friday and Saturday of each month 
Thorpe and co Boolaroo in 13-14 March, 12-13 June,11 th September and November date to be decided.

Speciality classes on the web site schedule.

All of my books are on line now 

Update on Miss Molly, she is now 7 1/2 months old and such a cutie. Loves her walks, loves all doggies especially her cousins Pippy and Ngarra. She is a really sweet girl and good company.

So from Deb and Miss Molly 
Happy Quilting xx 


Friday, 27 November 2020

Phew!!!! Just about through 2020.

Hi and thanks for popping by. 

It is nearly December, and wow what a year for us all. In our home we call some days  a roller coaster  day. The ups and the downs..... So very grateful. 

I sincerely wish you the very best for the festive season and for the remainder of this challenging year.

This down time from teaching has given me the opportunity to write  several new books which I  have wanted to do for a long, long time.

This is the book I would like to talk about today.

                                                          Let's Quilt  

                      The Theory of Walking Foot Quilting

It is currently being printed as  I write this and will be available from participating Quilt shops and my web site very soon.

I am so thrilled with this latest book. 60 pages of full colour photos, illustrations and really everything I teach about domestic machine quilting with the walking foot. 

Practical information which is easy to read. Information regarding tools, threads, like what size thread  and needle work best together. At times you may find so many options in the shops so confusing and I make this easy to get perfect results. 

Do you want your stitching to stand out off the surface of the quilt , really to stand out be noticed, then a 12 weight cotton thread with a 90 Topstitch needle with a long slow stitch will give you amazing results.

Battings , there are so many , and I discuss the uses of many blends and how they effect the look and feel of your quilts. What is scrim and how to find it and why do you need it on your batting.

Piecing your quilts for your machine quilting, which way the seams need to be directed for your stitch in the ditch and other quilting. This is important for excellent results. 

Threads how to identify the different sizes and when to use them. 

Stitch in the ditch quilting , how,  he why and the when of ditching your quilts.

Straight line dimensional quilting, how effective this can be and how easy it is to stitch.

Decorative stitch quilting , what stitches to look for and how to adjust them for maximum results.

But the most important is the theory section of the book. How to quilt your quilts of any size on a domestic sewing machine. I walk you through explaining in detail all processes with a new quilt "It's Cool To Be Square".
There is a pattern at the back of the book if you would like to make this quilt while learning all of the machine quilting skills.

I have written this resource book as if I am sitting next to you at your machine , holding your hand guiding you through the whole process to achieve thrilling machine quilting you will be so proud of.

This is a book for all brands of machines.

So out very soon... I will keep you posted.

There will be a new 2 day class associated with the book and quilt, more details soon. 

My Glamorous clams Special edition book and templates for international sales is now available on my web site. Below is the direct link.

 Australian and New Zealand sales are only through participating BERNINA dealers. 

This pandemic has paved the way for new opportunities for many people . One that I have had the privilege of participating in with is Global Quilt Connection. The link is below. 

This is a collective  of quilt tutors who have online classes available. Either on demand as mine are or zoom classes. We had a zoom presentation of a 3 minute video explains our work and classes then a quick chat. 

There was myself and Lisa Walton from Australia and others from The USA or the UK. 

Check it out some amazing classes on offer.

Global Quilt Connection image

I really miss teaching so much. The special friendships, the challenges, the conversations in class that  can solve  so many questions and problems that happen. I have many bookings for 2021 and so hopeful some  new normal times are ahead.
Sharon from Berry Quilt and Co hosted a get together of my once a month class students. It was wonderful to be together. Lots could not make the day we understand, but we are are so inspired to get going again. Bring it on.....
Leeanne has made a stunning quilt of her own design. All appliqué in sketch style and she needed advice last year about the appliqué and now to see a final quilt .... Sensational.

Margaret has been quilting with her walking foot using my Theory of Quilting and as you can see a perfectly quilted modern quilt for a special young person.

Ari is brave , very brave. Ari is making my Floral Keyline #2 quilt.
 I will so look forward to seeing more progress. Ari is not colouring in as I did but is stitching it all  12 weight white cotton thread on a neutral Linen fabric. 
It will be stunning.

This is what I miss the inspiration we give each other. So bring on 2021 classes, new and fun times. 

My once a month classes are at 

My Sewing Supplies @ Sylvania x3classes 

Berry Quilt and Co @ Berry x1class

Sew Can I  @Werrington  x1 class

Thorpe and Co @ Boolaroo  every 3 months

Please contact the stores for more information. 

There are classes booked for Victoria, Southern Highlands, New Zealand , Queensland and with fingers crossed Houston and the US more with info on them all soon.

Take care, keep well, keep quilting.

Happy Quilting 

X Deb and Miss Molly

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Time to slow down

August 4 Th. 2020.

Well, Hi there.
How are you going?
Really I would love to hear in the comments section below for all to see and share if you feel comfortable doing so , how are you in these strange and uncertain days. What have you been sewing? 

I will start ....
I really miss teaching. The sharing of skills, the conversations, the friendships , the talk, the laughs, the fun we have in class. But I don't miss the traffic and airports I must admit. 
Yep I miss the ladies. Its quiet here in my home, which I love so while sewing I have been listening to my favourite artists and singing along, listening to pod casts and watching Netflix and Stan... Have you seen Yellowstone?.... I really am enjoying this series on Stan . 

Cant wait till we can be together , to share and show you cool things you're sewing machine can do, my style of machine appliqué and machine quilting.
But till it is safe to do so I have to wait. I think all of this is teaching me to slow down. Not race around and as they say stop and smell the roses. This is quite an adjustment for me but Im giving it my best.

Let me know if you think a private Zoom 30 min class is something you would like to do with me. Perhaps you need help with perfecting a particular stitch on your machine. Or want some free motion new skills. I am open to chatting about how this might work till classes can resume.
Best to email me 

 My 3 online classes are very popular and informative skill building. Still on sale at 20% off as are most of my books.  

Last post I talked about my book with an American publishing house well the first draft is off to them now and fingers crossed they like it. I'm sure there will be adjustments, additions etc . I am grateful to have had the time really during lock down to make and write. 
More info later when I am allowed to share. But very thrilled with it so far.

Im making 3 of the same quilts for my family. Designer Clams. Finally getting the beautiful fabrics I have bought over the years out of the draws and making clam shells. The shape is from my Glamorous Clams template and when all 3 quilts are finished I will post the step by step instructions if any one would like to make this quilt.
Clams are so special to me and to know my loved ones are being kept warm by clams warms my heart. 
Here the clams are 3 deep for each colour way and as I appliqué one row I am working on the 3 quilts at the same time . So if I have time at night to blind hem 1 row by 3 quilts takes about 1 1/2 hours. They are queen size quilts and here they are pinned to my design wall.

Never thought I would be spending time on my sewing machine making masks... But I did today.
I am making the very simple rectangle with a couple of pleats version. Very simple and easy. 
Inside is a piece of woven interfacing. As Im not venturing too far these days it will be for shopping and where social distancing cannot be achieved successfully. 

I will be starting to learn  machine embroidery soon after finishing these 3 family quilts. Something I know nothing about. A complete novice. Im interested to see what I can do with it , How I can incorporate it into my style of appliqué and quilt making. Some interesting days ahead Im sure. Between BERNINA Australia and myself we might have some fun to share in a few months time.  Ill keep you posted. 

Look .... Miss Molly. 
The latest member of the Louie family. A fox Terrier pup. She is a cutie and will be a wonderful companion once the silly puppy stage has gone and I can trust her in my studio.  I see long walks and fun times Im sure ahead.  

Some students work. I really love getting photos please send them in . Don't be shy....

Kim's Summer Days ready for quilting by her. 

Jenny appliqué runner 

Close up , fabulous work .

Delora cushion by Sandy.  Beautifully stitched

This is from The Stitched Mandala Collection. This was a workshop designed for me to travel with this year but I will teach next year or when safe to do so. 

Pam has made a wonderful Glamorous Clams cushion and learnt so much about her machine. 

Wow look what Carolyn has achieved very Glam clams indeed... 

Adrienne has made her version os my pattern Dad's Dahlia , wow fantastic so strong those decorative stitches look amazing.. Well done. 

Tham you all for sharing with me your progress. 

Please keep well, stay safe,  keep sewing even somedays whenyou don't feel like it. Just go into your sewing space, touch the fabrics, open a book, tidy up your stash. It will help, we are so lucky to have this passion of quilting in our lives. A wondrous thing is to create , make , take a single piece of fabric and turn it into something beautiful. Enjoy.

Happy Quilting till next time
X Deb 

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Keeping busy

I hope this finds you all well in these uncertain times.
It is the 14 th April Tuesday early morning, the time of day I like to either rise early and go for a lovely long walk or do some work with on the machine or in the office before the day really starts.

All of my family are essential workers so they are busy working and I am grateful they are all well.

We have just had Easter, very different for all of us this year. It was John and myself only here and we had a nice time. We made the most of it. Desperately missed our family but they are safe and with their partners keeping safe. John will be sad to see the end of Hot Cross buns. He is one of those that rejoices straight after Christmas when the Hot cross buns come out in the shops !!!  He loves them....

I have spend way too much time reading the news, watching the news , updates, facebook so much Facebook and jig saw puzzles which I give up on way too quickly !!!!!! now its time to do...
I cant change whats happening in my world, all work postponed but I can change my making use of this time.

Yes its hard to stay focus, and I drift off some days , have a tear , binge a movie ( I highly recommend
Unorthodox wonderful human story of a young woman who changes her world and Parasite if you like a thriller, both on Stan ) but then have a talking to myself and get on with it.

 I would like to thank my many friends who are calling for a chat, messaged me, Face time chats , zoom fun get togethers, just calling to say Hi. This means a lot to me.

I need to do this as well , keep in touch. I message some of my friends often just a quick Are you okay today ?  Days sometimes for some of us can be lonely when were not used to being home so much and to know that others are thinking of us means a huge amount.

Just a quick Are you okay perhaps to a friend of yours today might make their day .
If you need more help call HELPLINE 13 11 14

I read somewhere, probably facebook, that well nows the time .... if you have said when I have the time I would like to do....... yep well,  now is the time.

I am busy stitching projects and writing a new book and this is happening but more about that when I am able to.

My one day is I would  like is paint fabric again......

I use to work in the textile printing industry a hundred years ago... so I knew what I needed.
I bought some fabric printing inks a few weeks ago on line , ( Permaset ) I have prepared for dyeing fabric and this weekend made a go of paining my own fabric.  I use to do this a long time ago and that old when I have time saying.... well, no time like the Easter long weekend to made a start.

Here what happened...

John set up foldable plastic tables with black plastic over the top , a table with a sink in it in the garden and off I went. Plastic bowls , spoons for mixing inks. They are all water based and enviro friendly.

Well not as easy as I thought or remembered, tried a few flowers, not happy with the results there so I went for a more contemporary look.  ha ha easy way out....

DAY ONE  circles, Abstract fun circle in circles.

First round I used bright colours. The inks blend easily creating more colours , it felt wonderful just to PLAY. I was not concerned with what went with what , just had fun.

Then to finish off the black fluid lines finished it off really well I thought. Left outside under cover overnight then a press with a very hot iron for a few minutes cures the ink. 

Day TWO    experiment with line work . 

A base of abstract painted lines of different sizes of 9 colours, blended well together, this took a few hours at first to make a base. I painted the blues to greens first then the contrast pinks, purples and coral.   

Then 3 sizes of lines in black and white which was made by dipping metal bars that  John cut for me and an angle bar in the ink to get the squares , all stamped on the fabric . Done.  Ummmmm fun remember Deborah just fun....... 

I look forward to more fun days painting, so much you can do.

There is enough fabric here to make a dress os shirt perhaps....
Thats another when I have time  activity for me to ......Get back to dress making , back to my roots........

Thanks for listening

Stay safe and well.
Happy Quilting 

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Everything will be okay

Today is March 25th  2020.
Every new day we don't know what to expect next at the moment, what the day's news and events will bring .
This virus is an invisible monster. But it will not win.
We will be okay.
I am deeply saddened by the circumstances that so many people are now in. Loss of jobs, illness, loss of  businesses. I truly wish you all the very best......

Im up in my small sewing studio looking out at the beautiful river and surrounds and I try to stay calm.  Lots of work to do for me, head down and stitch... stitching helps me so much...

I have 20 % off all books (except Glamorous Clams BERNINA Special Edition which is through participating BERNINA dealers and Quilting Between the Lines ) on my web site if you have the time to work on a new project or would like to take an on line class with me.

I have been asked many times which dealers in the United States have the Glamorous Clams BERNINA Special Edition book. Not all dealers just participating dealers and the list is below.

US Shops at Present 

Bigsbys  sewing centre Elm grove WI
The inspired sewist Jupiter Florida
sew Original Boone NC
Margies sew much Crestview Florida
Pin wheels  Valdosta GA 
The quilt crossing Boise ID
Quilt basket Tucson AZ
The sewing place Helena MT
Lady fingers Oxley PA
 Close to home Connecticut 
BErnina stitch fabrics Keizer OR
The bobbin case Rochester NY
fabric Carousel Huntsville TX
Quiltique Henderson Nevada

Quilt Direct in the UK which is in Devon 

Bernina Canada

I had a week teaching at Bernina Sewing Centre Tauranga New Zealand a few weeks ago. 
A wonderful shop filled with terrific staff and students. I had a ball.
Im back next year with also visiting The eye of the Needle Taupo and Bernina Northland  Whangarei

Robyn the co owner od Bernina Tauranga took me to Mt Wanganui for a climb on my day off and what spectacular views.  ( Clams went too) 
Robyn and clams 
Kay from The eye of the needle and her Glam clam cushion which she has classes in her shop on.

 I taught Stitched Mandala and two beautiful finished cushions already ... great work

The start of the years classes with show and tell has some wonderful work made over the break. One of these is Julies Glam Clam framed piece. Very stunning and a huge commitment . A life time piece to be proud of.

Due to the virus for safety of students , groups, shops and myself all of my classes are on hold.  Sad but it will be okay......

If you have questions want to see a technique etc on my Deborah Louie Tutor Facebook page please email me or leave a message here.....

Stay well , stay safe and see you soon in class...

Happy Quilting 
X Deb 

Sunday, 2 February 2020

2020 a new year and Im so very grateful.....

Happy New Year , yes a bit late as today is the 2nd February, but what can I say...... It has been holiday time here in Australia for me.
The photo below was taken  late afternoon New Years Eve on the beach and a huge summer storm was coming our way. John, Pip (our granddoggy) and myself and not many others out for a long beach walk.

As you Im sure will already know, sadly many parts of the East coast of Australia have been decimated by bush fires. It has been very tragic and so so sad. Australians are a resilient lot and towns, homes , schools , buisnesses etc will be re built again. Many tears have been shed and now we rise again.
The loss of wildlife, the innocent native animals who could not run, fly, hop, scurry away is devastating. So many brave heroes in this tragedy, putting their own lives in danger to help others. This I am in awe of you... Thank you....
If you have donated to the bushfire relief, THANK YOU. My charity is RSPCA those wonderful people caring for the injured animals, thank you for your hard work.

Holiday time for me is staying at home swimming and sewing. My favourite spot that Clammy seems to also enjoy..

 I have managed to have a lovely rest time with family and friends and get some new work done. Had a few days away in Canberra , went to the tennis, lots of walks , movies , seeing friends and family, just general chill out time. Some really hot days and Pip shows  how we all feel at times .

Ready now for the wonderful classes and the new adventures I have for 2020. It all start in Albury at State Wide Sewing Centre 6-9 February.

There are some exciting opportunities ahead for me that I will share when the time is right. I am so very grateful.
Persistence does pay off.... or, is it stubbornness!!!!!! 

Latest ...

I have a new range of  skill building machine decorative stitch cushions. Love the look of hand stitched work but don't have the time ?  Or like me perhaps, don't have the hand stitching skills. Well, we can get wonderful results on the sewing machine.

                                        Stitched Mandala - The Collection

Stitched Mandala -The collection by Deborah Louie 
All machine stitched on my BERNINA 770. Using the beautiful decorative stitches and 12 weight cotton threads Spaghetti range by Wonderfil . All on linen fabric with hand made pom poms... 
This is a one day class where you start on one of the 5 cushions I have designed.
There is a beautiful full colour skill building book and 9 pattern sheets to accompany the book available in class.
This is a brand new one day workshop I will be teaching at the following locations for 2020, and in my once a month regular classes. 

BERNINA Tauranga New Zealand  12 March 2020

Hobby Sew Kings Park 16 th April 2020
Call 02 9621 4000

Sewing Connection - Pakenham Victoria 5 th May 2020
call 03 5940 8763

My Sewing Supplies @ Sylvania 13 th May 2020

Once a month / Bi monthly locations are : 

My Sewing Supplies  Sylvania

Hobby Sew Kings Park
Call 02 9621 4000

Berry Quilt and Co 

Thorpes at Boolaroo
Call 49294456

Hot off the Press 

There is a wonderful new digital magazine out. The Digital Cloth by Caroline Sharkey . Beautiful photos, amazing textile artists. So easy to purchase and down load. Clammy and I are special guests in this current edition. Here is the link for you to enjoy .... 

Fantastic news

Glamorous Clams is now available in the United Kingdom.
The beautiful BERNINA dealers of Quilt Direct in Tavistock DEVON have just had a large delivery of Glamorous Clams BERNINA Special edition books and templates.
I will be teaching for this lovely store in August 12-14   2020. 
Pop by, call or go on line for your copy now BERNINA owners in the UK. 

Till next time 
Happy Quilting 
X Deb