Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Never know where inspiartion arrises from

I am happily  busy this week writing the book for Daisy Paths Cushion and Runner. Thank you for your patience , it is happening very soon now.

I am thrilled with the response so far to the books its been so positive Thank you.
They will be available on the web site


in May  when the new web site is up and running but if you would like a copy of Hearts and Lollipops, or Glam clams before then please email me
and I can send these out to you. See last post if you would like to see the projects.

My books are all self published and sold through me.
I am committed to making not only beautiful projects for you to make, but also providing full SKILL BUILDING information in every book.

They are big thick glossy books full of information.

I will have a big social media promotion when  this all goes live.

On Saturday we are filming the second on-line class here at my home Lets Quilt Free motion the Magical #6. This is the second class that I will have available also on the web site.

It will not be available anywhere else except my web site . Again self publishing or producing my on line presence. Getting out there great practical, good quilting techniques which are easy to follow .

Here are some of the designs I will be showing in the course.

Echo based filling designs

Flowers and below more flowers

Spirals  and wave spirals

Roman squares and friends

Tear drops and co.

Magical #6 as a all over pattern

I was asked by Bernina to quilt up a sample for AQC in Melbourne this year. They will have the beautiful Q20 machines for you to stitch on . The sample I was asked to quilt what I liked so I had some fun on my Bernina 770.  There will be a collection of these small quilts from other quilters to see at the Bernina stand.

Before Quilting

After quilting result where I added lots more flowers in her hair and tendrils everywhere. Thanks Bernina Australia for including me.

On the weekend I went to Singleton country NSW  to teach the group machine quilting.
what fun, they are a lively enthusiastic bunch. I had a ball.
Not only did they love the class but they inspired me in some funny unexpected ways.
Thank you Gail for organising the weekend .

Look at these stockings  wow !!! solves a problem I was having ... more later
No names to protect the wearer!!!!!

Ummmmm......  inspiration here for more applique ......I wonder......

beautiful black detail stitching .....

And in the powder room a  stunning vintage chair   look at those #6 there

Just a couple of show and tells from last weeks class

Kylie brought in her Dr Who quilt , she made this for her lucky Hubby , who was hesitant to hand over for show and tell. Beautiful quilting .... woo hoo.....

some stunning Glam Clams on the go ready for outside stitching now.

Free motion quilting Hearts and Lollipops quilt Yah......

Off to set up my room for filming
Till next time

Happy Quilting

X Deb

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Lovely rain at the moment

Here is Sydney we are getting a lovely drenching of much needed rain. Summer has been brutally hot for all of the state. Actually all of Australia this summer
We have family out at Enngonia north west of Bourke and the average temp for 2 months has been around the 40 degree mark . Oh PHEW SO   HOT!!!!

I have structured my work this year to have the first week off Monday to Friday to really get my head down and tail up to do some stitching, new work.
Wonderful to have a full 5 days to sew and write patterns/ books. Keep posted for lots of new work this year.

Exciting News for me

I am writing books now based on my most popular quilts . Yes full SKILL BUILDING BOOKS self publishing.... Step by step instructions and photos to piece, applique and Machine quilt every project.

Not just pretty pictures but real how do I use my sewing machine correctly and how do I domestic machine quilt this quilt as well. Perspex templates a 5 piece package are made to accompany the books. The hearts and Lollipops book is 73 pages of fantastic information with a 5 piece set of templates . Even if you don't wish to make the quilt the books are jammed packed with practical information .

if you would like a copy now before the web site is ready contact me on

Email....     deborahlouie@optusnet.com.au

I'm very proud of the two that I have published so far

Glamorous Clams

Hearts and Lollipops


The brand  sparkling new web site will be loaded by May 2017...  with my 2 first on-line machine quilting classes and books ....Yippee. STAY TUNED ....

I have enlisted Brenda Gail smith to make this site for me

Check Brenda's  web site and perhaps enlist for her newsletter , she is a talented Quilt Artist with lots to share, exhibitions, and all things quilt related.

Gee it was lovely to get back into classes again and see my quilting friends and new students. Welcome everyone . I look forward to a wonderful creative year ahead.  February classes have just finished and now into the march round.
It seems that December and January is a family, holiday time for most quilters. They have come back to class in February full of enthusiasm  and eager to get back into stitching. Welcome back everyone.

I have been busy in the holidays revamping my Daisy Path quilt. This is the original quilt  made in 2011. I made it for a Blind hem and Raw edge free motion class that I travelled extensively with. Daisy Paths was very popular and the was quilt remade over again by students. Having the opportunity to re design the quilt for others I wanted a new version too. The large quilt will be in Sydney Quilt NSW June show so I cant show that at the moment but I can show the accompanying cushion and runner.

Oh Okay just a snippet look:

Daisy Path cushion 

The cushion is blind hem appliqued and Sketch free motion applique for the flowers and is 36 inches square

and of course the back is quilted with daisy's.....

Daisy Path Runner

A lovely bed or table runner measuring 16 wide x 66 inches long.

The paths have been decorative stitched  raw edge appliqued with and the flowers Sketch appliqued.


A closer look

I am currently writing the book for all three projects now,. There is a 6 piece template set to accompany the book. Will be available soon.

Quilt Watch !!!!

Some students terrific work for February. Beautiful bright free form triangle work, hearts and lollipops  clam shells, applique and tumbler quilts. Love them all....

 Bye for now

Post again soon

Happy Quilting

X Deb

Monday, February 13, 2017

lovely exhibition

Last Saturday I went along to Hazelhurst Gallery at Gymea for the opening of 

The Rolina Project and Whispered Threads collection #2

Saturday was a super hot day , but that didn't deter the  terrific crowd of interested  quilters and their families.
Bob James is the curator and tutor of the very lucky quilters who participated in his workshop which was held once a month in 2016 at My sewing Supplies and Material Obsession.

As I understand they were studying Art theory and artists and Bob sent the challenge to take inspiration from the artist Rolina Van Vliet,  to reproduce one of her fabulous painting in textile quilt form. A challenge they embraced and below is a small sample of the art work. There was a mixed range of techniques, applications and styles, very interesting indeed. Speaking to some of my friends who were participants all felt out of their comfort zone , but that's how we grow as artists. A new concept. Congratulations. Lorena Uriarte graciously opened the show. 

The whispered Threads exhibition above photo was from 2016 challenge. This I am a member, A challenge where a secret photo is given to quilter #1 where they are to make a 50 x70 cms small wall quilt inspired by the photo. The photo is then kept till reveal day, quilt #1 given to quilter #2 to be inspired for that month . And so it goes on till all 9 quilters have made their quilts. Only the quilt before yours do you see . it is very exciting to see if the photo theme has come around full circle or completely in a random new direction. No conversation about the quilts  is allowed till reveal.
I am the month of February and have just completed my quilt today ready to hand over the quilter #7. I shall post photos when reveal has happened in a few month time. Until then my lips are sealed.



In February 2016 I was the honoured first tutor for the newly opened shop Berry Quilt and Co. Formally The Berry Quilt Shop.
Owner Sharon has transformed this shop to even a more delightful quilt shop.  The fabrics oh my goodness!!!!!

The shop is arranged in Hue such a feast for the eye....
This really appeals to me and my sense of colour, not in range of designer which is popular. It feels like you are surrounded by a rainbow ...So pretty..

Linen prints are stunning

Excitement when a box of new  fabric arrives.

Sharon made a modern quilt for the latest Sydney Modern quilt show and here she very proudly shows us her quilting. I love this quilt, great work Sharon. Super Woman indeed, Making Quilts , running a shop, and a beautiful family , she is a treasure.

Chris with her free form work working really well.

Ari's Hearts and Lollipops quilt is growing quickly now . Borders are underway.

I have been working on the large version of Daisy Paths quilt which is just about finished.
Phew big job....
I love the sense of satisfaction once a quilt has been completed. From vision to quilt takes a while but I love it .
I am working on the full pattern/ book now which will be available soon.
A full photo of the quilt soon.

Till next time
Happy Quilting
X Deb