Thursday, 12 December 2019

What a wonderful year

Yep what a wonderful year .

It is almost Christmas time.  Wow, they year has gone by so fast.
I can truly say that it has been wonderful year. Of course we all have our ups and downs , good times , sad times, happy days but all in all 2019 has been terrific. Thank you to all that have been in a class with me and to the organisers, shop owners thank you. 

I would  like to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season . What ever your traditions are , I hope you stay safe, and are with the ones you love.

Here in my home in Oyster Bay Sydney we celebrate Christmas.We spoil each other with lovely gifts, great food and happy family times. It is always hot so a swim at the beach or our pool and easy cold platters of yummy food is the order for our Christmas Day.

I love the tradition of trimming the Christmas tree. My daughter Claire and I do this together, get some Michael Buble'  Christmas carols humming along, and set about the colour theme for the tree. This year we went ornaments mainly only and wrapping gifts in red and green. Then we trim the tree , laugh, sing and enjoy the ceremony. I am always grateful for another year and when it its time to pack it all away wonder what the new year has in stall for us .

In March my latest book Glamorous Clams BERNINA Special Edition was launched, by Kerrie Hay of BERNINA Australia at their training meeting conference for 2019.

To say the least I am thrilled with the response from the book by the dealers and BERNINA owners.
A huge hit in Australia , New Zealand ,Canada. I am  now getting it to stores in the United States and Great Britain.  What a thrill.... little old me .... 

Lucky Im stubborn I keep plodding along contacting stores, dealers, social media posts just to get it out there . It hasn't been easy sometimes as I have decided not to go through a distributor and have a boutique self published product. The book is only available through BERNINA Dealers. The personal touch thats what Im doing... Good old fashioned service.

If you have a BERNINA dealer who would like the book  please contact me on and I would be happy to get in touch with them. 

In October I had 2 wonderful weeks in Washington and New York with my Sister Doreen. It was fabulous. To stand where Dr King gave his momentous "I have a dream" speech, to visit a gospel church service, to visit the Amish community, to go to the top of The Empire Building, to visit the 911 memorial site, stand at Times Square and get on the big screen, Central Park, Lady Liberty and so much more was all perfect.. Guess who came along ..... Glam Clams !!!!

After 2 weeks vacation time it was back to work, and this was not the ordinary day in the classroom.

 It was The International Quilt Show at HOUSTON..... 

AHHHHHH I finally made it . Wanted to visit for soooo long. The wonderful Pauline Rogers of Pauline's Quilters World asked me along to show my work at Market ( wholesale). So I did. I am so very grateful to Pauline, she was wonderful showing me the ropes etc ...We had a wonderful time together.  
Glam Clams met some wonderful people and was very well loved. Below are just some of the lovely people I met and some new and current friends.

Met Alex Anderson from The Quilt Show, and I am filming an episode with her and Ricky Timms in Dallas Texas on  March 31 st. Its a flying in film and fly home visit unfortunately.  But too good of an opportunity to get more exposure for Glam Clams. 
The International quilt show was spectacular , such talent ..... congratulations to all the winners 

On return I had my annual catch up meeting at BERNINA Australia headquarters. Chatting about some terrific plans for 2020. Yep , Glam Clams was there too....

I am celebrating 20 years of being a quilt tutor.

A huge feat for me , something I never thought I could do. Every year I think will it last .... well,  20 years later and Im going strong with plans ahead for the next 10 years.... 
To celebrate this milestone I have 20 % off all Online classes and my skill building books for the month of December 2019. The response has been wonderful ... Thank you for the kind words of encouragement and congratulations... Link below if you would like to have a look .

I have some new skill building books on my web site.

Mums Hibiscus, an intermediate level of skills are needed for this thread painted hibiscus cushion. The skill building book is 23 pages in full colour with a full size pattern sheet. All techniques are step by step photographed and explained even the 1/2 inch grid background purple quilting.

Summer Days  is the second latest book. A improv cutting and piecing design which everyone loves making this quilt. It has been so popular in my regular classes. Every colour way is spectacular.
All step by step photographs and steps for improv cutting and piecing with walking foot and ruler quilting. A small 6 inch Deborah Louie ruler is included. The full colour book is 35 pages. A terrific resource book for improv cutting and piecing step by step reminder....

My teaching schedule for 2020 is up on the web site now. If you are interested in a class please contact the shop or group.
I am taking bookings now for 2021 and 2022 workshops.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful creative 2020 to you all.

Happy Quilting
X Deb

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

We are off to America......a celebration

Celebrating 20 years of being a quilt tutor

I am having a big birthday. 
I have had the absolute pleasure to be teaching quilting to quilters all of the world now for 20 years. 
It has gone by so quickly.
In this 20 years I have taught quilters face to face teaching at patchwork shops, guilds, groups, retreats , symposiums, festivals and expos. As well as through my on line classes, my books and patterns, through magazine articles , demonstrating at Quilt shows. 
I have met so many wonderful people and have made some life time friends.

So Tomorrow Wednesday 9 Th October with my sister Doreen and I are having a holiday in the United States. Glamorous Clams is joining me every step of the way.  Were visiting Washington DC and the big apple New York. A wonderful 2 weeks together. We will visit the Amish country, attend a Harlem Sunday church service, visit art galleries, museums, monuments  and maybe a quilt shop or 2.....  

So please follow my page  Deborah louie tutor Facebook or Deborah Louie Instagram for photo bombing of glam clams everywhere.....

I then travel down to Houston for the International Quilt Festival. Where I will be attending Market and being a guest of Pauline Rodgers of Pauline Quilters World stand.  I have a few quilts to hang and show my books to the shop owners. 

Just seeing if they like my work, my books etc , get a feel of the American market to see if I would like to further my teaching and marketing of my books there.  You know the saying nothing ventured.........

What a thrill it will be to see all of the magical quilts hanging.
I so remember the very first quilt NSW show I saw back in 1990 at The circular quay overseas terminal and the impact it had on me , so I can only imagine what a million times more quilts ( bit of an exaggeration) will have on me. Something I think as a quilter we all would like to see once in our life time.

So if you are attending the show please come and swing by Pauline's stand to say Hi.....  we would love to see you.

Auckland Symposium 2019

I have just arrived back from a week in Auckland for Quilt Symposium. This was my 4 th symposium and the students in New Zealand are fantastic.. All the tutors loved their classes, we all had a great time. 
Michelle Marvig and I were  roomies which was fun and a great opportunity to catch up .

The symposium was held at St Cuthberts College Epsom. A beautiful school.... as you can see from the photo below on the left ( Mato high was nothing like this ).

There were many exhibitions and they were FANTASTIC...

The Merchant hall was a buzz ,this is Annies Country store and her Glamorous Clams sample ... wonderful ...

 Kathy Anso (pictured below) had  an excellent exhibition called " Passion and Proportion" all are students of Nancy Crow's bi annual visits. I attended a 1 week class in 2014 but these ladies have worked with Nancy for many years and their work was spectacular.

by Liz Clout

By Sarah Ward
( my Favourite) 

By Gail Odonnell

By Kathy Anso

By Robyn Holyoake

By Alison Smith 

By Pat Ashcroft 

By Linda Steele

By Wendy Thiele

by Robyn Clout

HERstory... a celebration of strong women 

This collection was amazing ....  such wonderful role models and full lives .

Below photo is of Caroline Sharkey's Angel wings quilt... I could not resits having my photo taken....

2 days of Daisy paths had wonderful results.

   I had a Glamorous clams huge class and they had a ball creating fabulous clams and learning about their machines , threads and needles along with some stunning decorative stitches.

Last 2 days we did Dads Dahlia and that was fabulous too with some stunning dahlias in progress. I will share more once photos of finished Dahlias come through.

I am back home mid November for the last of my classes for 2019.

2020 is set to be a mother fabulous year. I will post on my web site my 2020 diary once I'm back.

I have big plans to make new work, write new books and enjoy my time with fantastic quilters.

Happy Quilting 
X Deb