Friday 27 November 2020

Phew!!!! Just about through 2020.

Hi and thanks for popping by. 

It is nearly December, and wow what a year for us all. In our home we call some days  a roller coaster  day. The ups and the downs..... So very grateful. 

I sincerely wish you the very best for the festive season and for the remainder of this challenging year.

This down time from teaching has given me the opportunity to write  several new books which I  have wanted to do for a long, long time.

This is the book I would like to talk about today.

                                                          Let's Quilt  

                      The Theory of Walking Foot Quilting

It is currently being printed as  I write this and will be available from participating Quilt shops and my web site very soon.

I am so thrilled with this latest book. 60 pages of full colour photos, illustrations and really everything I teach about domestic machine quilting with the walking foot. 

Practical information which is easy to read. Information regarding tools, threads, like what size thread  and needle work best together. At times you may find so many options in the shops so confusing and I make this easy to get perfect results. 

Do you want your stitching to stand out off the surface of the quilt , really to stand out be noticed, then a 12 weight cotton thread with a 90 Topstitch needle with a long slow stitch will give you amazing results.

Battings , there are so many , and I discuss the uses of many blends and how they effect the look and feel of your quilts. What is scrim and how to find it and why do you need it on your batting.

Piecing your quilts for your machine quilting, which way the seams need to be directed for your stitch in the ditch and other quilting. This is important for excellent results. 

Threads how to identify the different sizes and when to use them. 

Stitch in the ditch quilting , how,  he why and the when of ditching your quilts.

Straight line dimensional quilting, how effective this can be and how easy it is to stitch.

Decorative stitch quilting , what stitches to look for and how to adjust them for maximum results.

But the most important is the theory section of the book. How to quilt your quilts of any size on a domestic sewing machine. I walk you through explaining in detail all processes with a new quilt "It's Cool To Be Square".
There is a pattern at the back of the book if you would like to make this quilt while learning all of the machine quilting skills.

I have written this resource book as if I am sitting next to you at your machine , holding your hand guiding you through the whole process to achieve thrilling machine quilting you will be so proud of.

This is a book for all brands of machines.

So out very soon... I will keep you posted.

There will be a new 2 day class associated with the book and quilt, more details soon. 

My Glamorous clams Special edition book and templates for international sales is now available on my web site. Below is the direct link.

 Australian and New Zealand sales are only through participating BERNINA dealers. 

This pandemic has paved the way for new opportunities for many people . One that I have had the privilege of participating in with is Global Quilt Connection. The link is below. 

This is a collective  of quilt tutors who have online classes available. Either on demand as mine are or zoom classes. We had a zoom presentation of a 3 minute video explains our work and classes then a quick chat. 

There was myself and Lisa Walton from Australia and others from The USA or the UK. 

Check it out some amazing classes on offer.

Global Quilt Connection image

I really miss teaching so much. The special friendships, the challenges, the conversations in class that  can solve  so many questions and problems that happen. I have many bookings for 2021 and so hopeful some  new normal times are ahead.
Sharon from Berry Quilt and Co hosted a get together of my once a month class students. It was wonderful to be together. Lots could not make the day we understand, but we are are so inspired to get going again. Bring it on.....
Leeanne has made a stunning quilt of her own design. All appliqué in sketch style and she needed advice last year about the appliqué and now to see a final quilt .... Sensational.

Margaret has been quilting with her walking foot using my Theory of Quilting and as you can see a perfectly quilted modern quilt for a special young person.

Ari is brave , very brave. Ari is making my Floral Keyline #2 quilt.
 I will so look forward to seeing more progress. Ari is not colouring in as I did but is stitching it all  12 weight white cotton thread on a neutral Linen fabric. 
It will be stunning.

This is what I miss the inspiration we give each other. So bring on 2021 classes, new and fun times. 

My once a month classes are at 

My Sewing Supplies @ Sylvania x3classes 

Berry Quilt and Co @ Berry x1class

Sew Can I  @Werrington  x1 class

Thorpe and Co @ Boolaroo  every 3 months

Please contact the stores for more information. 

There are classes booked for Victoria, Southern Highlands, New Zealand , Queensland and with fingers crossed Houston and the US more with info on them all soon.

Take care, keep well, keep quilting.

Happy Quilting 

X Deb and Miss Molly

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