Monday 9 August 2021

Learn one on one zoom lessons with me....

 Monday 9 th August , a sunny winters day and I thought I would try something different.

I am now offering one on one zoom teaching.

Yep, trying something new. With lockdown here in Sydney till at the very least end of August, but expecting this to drag on for a while I thought why not.

I really can't see shops or groups being allowed to open up to teaching any time soon.

I really miss sharing my skills with students.

So let's try this .

Im not as techno giant that's for sure so we will try to give it our best shot. I will have my iPad on and you will be on your machine depending on what question or skill you would like to learn. 

All brands of machines are welcome.

Perhaps you would like to perfect your machine blanket stitching, or satin decorative stitching?

Maybe you have a quilt that needs quilting and you are not sure what would suit it best. 

Not sure how to use your walking foot properly. 

Free motion may be scary for you lets' work together.

Im up for the challenge !!!!!   

Classes start at 30 mins - 1 hour . 

 $35.00 for a 30 minute class and 1 hour class is $65.00. 

All Australian dollars and open to Australia and New Zealand to start. Very reasonable. 

All enquiries through my email to start and we can chat about your needs, and if working I'll pop a booking form on the web site.

I will email you regarding what to have ready so our time together can be very productive.

This could be a one-off or a regular class for you.

My book Let's Quilt- The theory of Walking Foot Quilting is a fabulous resource book for all quilters . Im getting fantastic reviews from shops and readers. 

Suitable for all brands of sewing machines 

A few of the chapters include :
  •  Essential Tools
  • Warp and Weft.... so important 
  • The 8 steps to sandwiching your quilt
  • Understanding needles, threads 
  • Machine tension
  • Walking foot perfection
  • Stitch in the Ditch
  • Textural quilting
  • Theory of how to quilt your quilt
  • It's cool to be square pattern.

Could be a perfect gift for your quilting friend. 
Sensation information for new quilters. 

Here is a direct link to my web site

My second new quilt in the series of 3 Children's quilts is called Let's Go Go Go ....  machine appliqué is just about completed.  The is Quilting next . This one is really fun and cute I have enjoyed stitching this enormously. Each quilt is a learning quilt and I work through each technique with you. 

I am aiming for the set of 3 quilts be available by Xmas. 

Long walks on the beach and the bush with Miss Molly in the mornings is my sanity in this crazy crazy time. Be safe and if you are struggling call a friend or family member for a chat... I do ALL the time xx 

Take care 
Happy Stitching 
X Deb and Miss Molly 

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