Friday 20 August 2021

Zooming classes are fabulous.

 Just a quick Hi everyone.

I have had some zoom classes lately. Wow they are terrific.....

Gee it felt good being useful and taking quilters to the next level again.

I am using my IPAD in 2 locations. The first with a front on view for a chat to see their needs and questions then on to a tripod looking at the machine.Very simple technology but it works.

All brands of machines and away we go. 

I talk you through YOU sitting on your machine, step by step at your own pace in your own home. Your stitching and I get to see your set up of the machine etc. 

Problem solving, get to know your machine, decorative stitching, free motion quilting and walking foot quilting questions these are just some of the ways I can help. 

These classes are available Monday to Thursday while I can't physically teach face to face, and who knows may be this could be a regular option for the future. Cant get to one of my classes learn at home .....

These can be a one off or a regular fortnightly or month meeting, all up to you.

I am here to help.

Interested? pop an email to me and we can then work out what day and time suits us both , I send you some requirements needs and tools to have ready. I generate a zoom meeting by email and away we go.....

Hope to see you soon
Stay well and safe

Miss Molly cuddling in while I stitch binding on last night while watching Batchelor (Ha ha..... )

X Deb and Miss Molly 

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Chookyblue...... said...

I love zoom.........I have numerous sewing marathon days sewing with bloggers from around the world........we have such a great time.......precious times........