Monday 3 May 2010


ACQ 2010
Just home from a  fantasic time at AQC.
I had 4 days teaching , 20 students in a class and everyone was delightful. There's something in the air at AQC , that is so special. The venue was stunning.The deligates and tutors so happy to be there. Started with a cocktail party on the Wednesday evening a only 2 glasses of champagne ( had to be good) and off to dinner with some of the tutors.
First 2 days was " yes you can free motion quilt " and YES now they can !!!!! What a wonderful group of 20 ladies I had. They didnt get fazed at all when I had a white board problem and my Angel worked miracles and got one that worked. They started out hesitant and by friday 5 pm quilting like professionals....I had the best time Thank you girls you were sensational. I loved every minute of it.
Friday evening off to dinner with Lisa Walton and my roomie Julie Haddrick tutor from Adelaide and some of the American tutors. So cool be be with them and chat about the American teaching way of life. They Loved Melbourne. Saturdays class " free motion quilting with Stencils" was a oooh ahhh great time .  Saturday night on goes the good black dress and off to the cocktail party. Greg Alexander Bernina Australia G.M. was part of the entertainment and the group Mamma Mia got everyone up dancing the night away. Thanks Sue and Sandy from Sewing Connection for a great night also. Had lots of dances with wonderful people. Fantasic night.

Sunday was the last day of class  resulting in some stunning textures, free form and formal feathers. Well done. Cuddles and tears at the end of the class touched me so very dearly, makes all the hard work dissolve.
Thanks to Expertise Events the show was fabalous, food fab, accomodation fab.

Signing  off : one happy Deb Louie


Kirsten said...

I was one of the very happy students in Deborah's class - such fun! With Deborah's wonderful teaching even those of us with 'two left hands' could quilt up a storm! Thanks Deborah, for a truly fabulous class - so wonderful to feel I have learned something. Please return to AQC next year - I want another class! cheerio, Kirsten :)

DoubleL said...

I must make the effort to come next year....