Thursday 17 June 2010

Antique White for Claire

My daughter Claire picked out this antique quilt from one of my books and asked me if I would make it for her 18th birthday. Well of course I can........
IT made it a pleasure as I just adored the quilt myself.
Classic clean and elegant. The photo left alot of detail of the quilting out so I researched antique quilting patterns and set to work.
The back goround fabric is white on white tiny little flower print and the applique is fine blanket stitch done on the Bernina 820. I as always designed the whole quilt first on paper to scale then ste out to quilt the trapunto. That took a couple of days then sandwich the quilt with hundreds of pins, stabalize the quilt with walking foot foirst then a fine echo quilt around the applique to set off the design.
I micro stippled the backgound of the trapunto shapes and detailed quilted each of the plain blocks which tok about a day and half EACH!!!!!
Now the border micro stipple up to the feathers , and 1/2 inch cross hatched the outside edge of the borders. I threaded in each left over thread instead of anochoring the start and end as I only wanted each stitch to be the same perfect size. CRUMBS this too ages and ages!!!!!!
Anyway, binding went on and very carfully stitched down then had a really close look at it all. Wrong red spot fabric ...well done Deborah and I missed blanket stitching one of the flowers centre . OH well not changing it now!!!!!!!
These things make the quilt just like me silly at times. 
Anyway its done Claire loves it and it won 3 rd professional catagory and Judges Choice special award..... Lovely 2 ribbons  what a wonderful surprise....

It was such a  wonderful day , meeting up with friends and students form all over the place.
Thanks to all the people who congratulated and comented  that they loved my DVD  this makes me feel so priveledged to be able to touch alot of people with my style of quilting .. Thank you   I just LOVE being part of this wonderful industry.

Than you to all of the guild members whos organised such a wonderful show,,,, just a remeinder its a members show , become a member if you are not already a member and have a quilt hang next year its such a thrill!!!!

Thanks fo finishing off the day Lisa, Donna, Jenny, Mary and Nic for a great dinner ( John enjoyed the left overs tonight).
Looking forward now to the gala dinner sturday evening.


Chookyblue...... said...

congrats on the quilts awards............look pretty good from here and most importantly Claire loves it........

DoubleL said...

Just beautiful - I said that when it was laying on your floor at home... even better hanging up. Congratulations Deb.

Bec said...

OMGosh it is stunning! Congratulations on the prize for it! The quilt is very memorable for you and Claire. Bec xxx

JariJari said...

you deserved the award! congratulations!!
...I seriously need to save up and travel to AU one day to take up one of your FMQ classes ;-)