Wednesday 1 September 2010

new applique classes for 2011

I have decided to break up the machine applique class and do 2 by one day classes for 2011

First one class is Blanket stitching and decorative stitches.We never use the decorative stitching usually and they are so Beautiful. Ive had fun changing width and length of some to come up with great combinations
Students will be well on their way to making this cute hearts and lollipops single bed quilt.Full pattern given in class.
Hearts and lollipops quilt
Second class is Free motion applique and blind hem stiching. Blind hem is so great it looks like needle turn withut all the hundreds of hoursof stitching by hand. Free motion applique is creative and loose and fun. Quilt under construction now but here is a sneek preview.
Daisy paths
Both classes should be fun.

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DoubleL said...

Its looking good Deb - great choice of colours. Loz