Tuesday 5 June 2012

One finishes and another starts

Finished and now to start again.

Just finished a quilt for Quilters Companion magazine for a special issue for Clare Mooney. Isn't it lovely relief when you have finished and everything turns out okay !!!!!!!
Sure I could have changed something here or there but on the whole I'm happy . I love that feeling of satisfaction in a job completed and the excitement of the next new quilt .......
Here are some sneak previews of the quilt.

As all of my quilts I have ditched all seams first clear monopoly ( warning make sure you do many stitches for the anchoring as it can come undone easily) and then played with free form shapes to get some abstract movement in the quilt, like swirls  (yes my favourite) feathers and some geometric line work.. I'm now getting out some blocks I did many months ago to see if I can reuse them , then on to a another large project for 2013 blind hem applique with a traditional applique red and green theme with trapunto.

Had a wonderful surprise to see some work from a student ( wants to stay anonymous) class only 2 weeks ago and the progress she has made . stunning , beautiful work, congratulaions.....The class is Blind hem and free motion applique.

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Tristan said...

Your anonymous student's work is amazing! I keep telling her how good she is. I'm her son. :-)