Monday 26 November 2012

Everybody needs a John

  I came home from teaching yesterday afternoon (Sunday) and my wonderful husband has been busy again.

I love to have my machine set down in my large table in my quilting room. (ex formal lounge room) Well I have just received the latest Bernina 710 machine and as always John quickly got to work and cut out a larger space in the table  and made a box for the machine to drop into.
 no drag on piecing , or my quilts. This helps your quilting and your shoulders so much.....

 This time I asked him to leave the extension table on the machine as it is a lovely smooth surface.
The machine simply just lifts straight out. Ill put a small table on my right hand side for pins scissors etc and he next will make a extension table that will be attached to the table on my left hand side to support any large quilt.

I cant stress how important it is to set your self up well and comfortably if you are quilting large quilts.
 The original table top was taken off , then a piece of ply wood 4 x 8 foot was attached and glossed. At very little expense.
The Bernina 440 has a hole and now the 710.

 Please excuse this personal photo I never post personnel stuff except this time I want to publically   acknowledge  John

Thanks Darling.....


Leeanne said...

What a special helper you have!
How do you find the new machine? I have a 440 & wondered how they compare?

Lee B said...

It's amazing how being well set up can make such a difference. Beautiful work John & lovely that you appreciate him so much Deb.

Deborah Louie said...

Hi Leeanne, i am absolutly thrilled with the 710.The extra space is so great to have, lighting excellent, fast speed , i gave it a big test last week 80 wt fine thread top and bobbin ( which is huge) and appliqued and free motioned quilted fast really fast and it didnt skip a bet. The memory capability is so easy and actually everthing i have asked for in a machine. I like to work on one machine only not a quilting machine and a piecing machine etc... one machine that we know each other extreemly well, and over a few days we are great friends now. The 440 will has earned a well earned rest for a while. In two words LOVE it...:)

Susan said...

I just found this. My husband surprised me with the Janome M7 and I wanted the best set up. This is what I have been thinking of.