Thursday 22 November 2012

My class Discriptions

Outlines of my 2013 classes

" 2 Day Machine quilting great beginnings class:Lets Quilt"

 Day 1

Want to learn to machine quilt your own quilts. Well this is the class for you.! I will talk you through every practical step to quilting your own masterpieces, with over 12 years teaching experience and personally quilted over 500 quilts on domestic sewing machines we will cover all avenues in a very sensible and practical approach. This the first step to quilting your own quilts A 1 day class which is extremely popular.

Day 2

This workshop is the second day of the Lets quilt program. It gives you the experience with the darning foot. It is designed to give you lots of design ideas and confidence to add texture and individual styling to your quilts, to start you off on your free motion journey.
If you have tried before and not succeeded don't worry ,Deborah's unique free motion technique is guaranteed to get you free motion quilting.

2 day Free Motion Quilting class

This workshop is free form free motion. It gives you 2 full days to experience the darning foot. It is an intensive fun filled class giving you a load of design ideas for you own quilts. Like flowers, swirls, pebbles, echo , shadow, stars, clouds teardrops, textures and many more .

Free Motion Quilting with Stencils 1 day class  

This class is designed to give you the confidence to free motion quilt on the line . Which is another vital skill for your quilts. We take sample stencils to start stay on the line then Free form shapes off the line to make unique patterns to you. During the course of the day we explore designs for sashes, blocks, borders all very practical .. You ll love this class....

Advanced Free Motion Quilting Techniques 1 day class


This class is for the free mtoin quilter who is after more inspirational designs for the quilts. We quilt beautiful Flowers,and leaves, continuous curves for piecing and hexagons, micro background fillers, feathers formal ans well as free form . A great class that will fire up the creative juices.....

A day of Background fillers 1 day class

A  one day intensive class for the free motion quilter who is after more inspirational free motion designs for their traditional, contemporary or art quilts. An exciting and fulfilling day for the intermediate to advanced quilter. We explore more that 35 designs all patterns are user friendly to add style, texture and individuality to your quilts.

Trapunto Feather Heart , Flowers , Fillers and Colouring

 1 day class

Trapunto is a wonderful effect on quilts. The trapunto heart will be in the centre and surrounding it will be a lovely floral garland of flowers, leaves and tendrils all coloured very softly. Many background fillers will be stitched as options also. A great day of new style quilting.


Blanket and Decorative Stitch Applique : 1 day Class

This class is a must for those who would like to machine applique quickly and beautifully on their sewing machine. There are many decorative stitches also that can be used and explored . You will receive the pattern for my hearts and lollipop quilt as well as start to make some of the applique  blocks . We explore stabilizers, threads , needles , stopping and starting, Fun ways to play with  the stitches on your machine to give you many pattern options .

Blind Hem and Free Motion Applique:  1 Day class

This one day class is extremely popular. Blind hem applique is very efficient looks like needle turn applique but on the machine and we will be making the drunkards paths and circles in this technique. The flowers and free motion appliqued and are textural and beautiful. A great day filled with creative fun and enjoyment.
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 Spring Floral Applique :2 day class

This delightful small quilt is blanket stitch appliqued or free motion appliqued then quilted and coloured. Various blanket stitches are shown correct techniques for stopping starting and corners, 5 background fillers free motion style, free motion ditching, rose stencil quilted and coloured.


3 Day 3 Way Applique and quilt: 3 day class

A great retreat class this one metre square quilt is made in the 3 days . Lots of techniques studied here. Free motion applique, blind hem applique, blanket stitch applique  and decorative stitch applique. There are trapunto feathers beautifully surrounding the applique and many background fillers . we will address pinning , designing and finishing this lovely quilt.
Special Classes

Spring floral garden once a month 1/2 day class in the morning and Free motion quilting techniques in the afternoon.

This class is available at Pegs Pieces Kirrawee, Hobby sew Kings Park and Blueberries Wyong.

 The wonderful machine applique quilt is available to make in a once a month class with Deborah. This is a delightful machine applique long term project guaranteed to delight the quilter. You have many options for the layout and any colourway you desire. Deborah guides you through all stages of production. Make your own award winning quilt......  We have this is the morning come for morning only
 or , and  
stay for the afternoon and perfect your free motion quilting skills. A once a month class of free motion quilting. a sensational way to really develop your skills. Deborah will help you with your quilting also of your quilts. This is a commitment for the year once a month.
So up to you morning only for the applique , morning and afternoon or just afternoon .

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