Wednesday 19 December 2012

What a sensational year

2012 has been a sensational year .
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Xmas time with your family and friends.

I have been to so many wonderful locations this year teaching , Thank you for the organisers of the  groups , shops and symposiums that I have attended , thank you for your trust in me to give your customers ,deligates and  members a great learning experience. I have worked very hard and enjoyed every day of it.

2013 is looking to be just a busy and I have  many wonderful opportunities to travel more extensively to teach and some amazing learning opportunities for my own creative growth.

Firstly teaching again at AQC Melbourne in April, Teaching in Taupo New Zealand for the Quilt symposium, teaching in Fiji for Paradise Courses and Norfolk Island as well in October , as well as regional NSW, Melbourne and  Queensland. As well as my return gigs.There is a list next to this post if you are interested to know more or please do not hesitate to contact me through this forum or email  anytime.

My other news is that the Quilters Guild of NSW has awarded me with a scholarship for 2013. This is WONDERFUL.... I am so very grateful for their support.  So in April 2013 I'm off to Salt Lake City UTAH, USA to attend the "Home Machine Quilting Show". There I will attend 4 days of machine quilting, designing and applique classes with some wonderful tutors. Australia has only a handful of us and I would not like to make anyone feel uncomfortable we work hard to find our own way of working our own way of teaching. I know I have, so to attend classes here would not be the correct thing for me to do. So to personally see how the Americans teach, learn new techniques etc is HEAVEN to me . To actually network with other Domestic Machine Quilters and tutors will be invaluable for my personal and professional growth. So Ill keep you posted . AGAIN THANK YOU NSW GUILD I  WONT LET YOU DOWN......

In January 7-12th 2013 I am attending a Nancy Crow workshop in Wellington NZ. Nancy is a Quilt Legend a contemporary master quilter and I am doing a 5 day intensive workshop with her. Wow this is so exciting. I have dyed fabric , packed 100 metres of it in a suitcase and away I'm going.Her work is music to my eyes, so to be working with her is a dream of mine. I will work very hard for the week no lazy bones stuff sheer hard yakka but I know Ill come away so inspired to new ways to go about my own personal quilts. I need this fore me not for anyone else but my own creative soul , I know you can all appreciate this  Deb needs to grow too.....
Below is some of the dyeing I have done in my back yard last week
buckets, dyes  in action

This table we found in the hard ward shop worked out perfectly with the sink in it....

Before  the real messy  action started.
I had a ball so enjoyed it all.
I would like to show just a small peek into some of my  students work , photos that I have taken after their last class for 2012. All are returning for 2013 to complete their stunning quilts.
Thanks you all for being so WONDERFUL I have enjoyed your company immensely.
The first 3 photos are from my Spring Floral Applique once a month class and I have 3 locations where you can start this beautiful quilt next year Blueberries wyong, Hobby Sew kings Park and Pegs Pieces kirrawee....
Absolutely STUNNING  work the stitching is perfect , a fine peeper and sashing complements the blocks beautifully

Charcoal background and all neutral beige's, creams browns BREATHTAKING......
So BEAUTIFUL strong vibrant colours that Zing..........

This quilt below is from my 3 day 3 way Quilt and applique class. The class was held in Launceston Tasmania only a few weeks ago and this student has completed her STUNNING quilt ( I always leave out names  for students privacy)
The quilt is all about learning blanket stitch, blind hem applique , free motion applique , with free motion quilting with ditching the applique outside and inside , many background fillers and machine trapunto.
Look out Tassy there is a star new quilter on the rise . BEAUTIFUL quilting.

Below is a sneak at my latest quilt that I am making for my sister Doreens Birthday in September. Its a surprise so please SHHHHHH...... It will be  a large trapunto and applique quilt very classic and vintage inspired.

So its farewell to 2012 for me and hello 2013 very soon  . To all of you a Healthy , happy, creative and love filled year ... CHEERS!!!!!!!



debsway said...

Wow!!! Deb, you have been busy, and I think next year is going to be busier!!!! Those classes you are undertaking seem absolutely fantastic!!! You go girl!!!! Have a great Christmas and spend some wonderful moments with your family and friends. Xxxx

Lee B said...

Deb, you are truly inspirational. How wonderful that the NSW Guild has given you the means to travel and study and I know you'll grab that opportunity with both hands. Congratulations. I hope to catch up with you at classes in June at The Sewing Connection. Warm wishes to you & your wonderful John & your family for a brilliant & joyous Christmas

Deborah Louie said...

Thank you Lee and the very best to you and your family.. Happy sewing time in the holidays too.

Deborah Louie said...

Thanks Deb have a fantastic Xmas and holiday time for R and R and Sewing .... XX