Saturday 8 June 2013

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Hi ,

Writing this on the Saturday of the queens birthday weekend.

I have finished my latest quilt which I started in January. I wanted to do some curved piecing which I did with Nancy Crow and combine with free motion applique . I'm happy with the result just sewing the binding on now.
I'm loving my rich colour pallet on this one, reds, turquoise and to round or compliment out the brightness  the grey and khaki. I have made the borders a little different off set the blind hem bias on them not repetitive at all , I just let them go their way that they wanted to sit on the fabric. A bit of fun.:)
Its only a metre and half approximately square not big at all.
Its actually helped me a lot while my dad was ill and I couldn't sleep some evenings up at 2 free motion appliqueing is calming I find.

Not trying to get the blocks the same shapes I really enjoyed the free and easy way to create this quilt.

4 free form feathers in the triangles all stitched in white polysheen

free motion applique with the filler quilted in polysheen

borders free and relaxed

I have quilted the background filler with a multi line echo design easy to do and lovely and textural. As usual all straight lines were first ditched  with my walking foot, with 100% cotton 50 weight thread , then I quilted free form feathers in the triangles, the multi line filler and then free motion ditched and line work in the applique. All free motion work quilted with Mettler polysheen in the top and Mettler 50 wt. cotton thread in the bobbin. Happy with the result.

Now available for anyone to make in my once a month classes.
These classes are very popular and I'm loving them. Great work is being produced in class and I have very hard working diligent ladies committed to becoming great free motion quilters.

For 2014 I have booking and names are being taken at the following locations:

Pegs Pieces Kirrawee  3classes in a month available
Blueberries Wyong  2 classes available
Hobby Sew kings Park 2 classes available
Hobby Sew Figtree. 1 class available

If you want to know more email me


While in the states I did a class about free machine embroidery and we were working with a metallic thread and then teacher gave us a horizontal spool attachment. I want to share this with you as it is AMAZING !!! The thread has no chance to twist at all and feeds straight into the machine. A very simple but clever idea. Why all machines don't have this option I don't know!!!

The white plastic is the purchased version $5.00 US$ and the tapped dowel is Johns version  worth 20 cents .

I have tried to find out where I can get some but to no success as yet.
Then I showed My John Mr practical and he has come up with a very simple alternative.

We went to Bunning's today and for $3.45 we bought A 5mm piece of dowel, 2.5 metres long. We cut it to 10 inches long and tapped it down presto works a treat .........!!!!

Try it out for all your threads and let me know how you get on . Make sure the tread rolls off underneath the reel not from the top I suggest.

I just love to solve problems with my   sewing machine......

Happy Quilting

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