Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

Well its the last day of the year and I want to wish you all , my friends a wonderful year ahead.
Reflection and looking back at the year is probually something most of us do today. 
Whats on my list of promises to myself , do you do this ?
Funny isant it really, making resolutions.... promises that sometimes are impossible to  live up to. 
After a difficult year I dont want to put too many demands on myself. ( famous last words ) A year that had some many wonderful private and professional highs and some very low lows.... But we get up dust ourselves off and move again.

So here I go.

: Be REALLY happy again , Im working towards that now, being grateful for every day and for a wonderful life I have been given.
: To be settled in my soul in our new home , proide a loving sanctuary for my family and friends. 
: To be more loving, more kind and think of others more.
: Work with conviction, commitment,happiness and inspiration.
:Quilt quilt and quilt , fill the creative void I have felt now for a few years.
:Be fit and healthy, look after myself. Exercise daily and eat mostly whole foods.

I think all of that will keep me busy enough ,,,,( bit mushy :) ) 

I vow to sew every day even if its just 10 minutes , JUST DO IT.......... thats my mantra from now on. Nancy Crow told me, just get on with it . Does not  matter what I sew just get on and do something and it will come .....DO THE WORK....

Last night I did an hour of blanket stitching on a border , not realising how little I needed to do , to have it finished. So 2 out of 3 borders completed. Just trimming away the stabiliser now . 

I have been appliquéing this quilt for soooooo long now, Im so over it but it must be finished. Its for my sisters 60th which has now well and truly passed, lucky she is patient!!!! The quilt is a reproduction of a vintage quilt. Very classic, It will have a million hours( only joking)  of trapunto and quilting. Which will be fine , I just have get on and to do it.... I want to create more contemporary work now so i just have to get this finished. 
Also new quilts for my classes , this I am really looking forward to. I always panic about what Im going to do next...... but when i just get in the sewing room and actually start designing , choosing fabric etc it always comes..Not saying they all work, some good and some not so good .. but just doing is important ..... I love the designing process the best I must say.....

Packing our house is well and truly under way , Im so looking forward to the move. Setting up my sewing area and spending many enjoyable hours there. Ill keep you posted..

I look forward to 2014 . I sincerly thank you for your support , friendship and encouragement. 

I wish you and your love ones a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR 

xx Deb 



Lee B said...

I hope the year ahead brings you peace and joy Deb. I struggle with many of the things you do & need to "just do it" too

Anonymous said...

Deb, you are wonderful and do many of the things that you say you want to do. just keep up the mantra, and others will just go with you, you are a lovely bright happy friend. take care, kim

Glenda said...

Hi Deb, its been a while since I've seen you or been in your class, but I do follow your blog and your quilts that I see exhibited. Sorry that you have had a few ups and downs last year and hope this one is better for you. Every quilt I quilt ( and there have been quite a few) is quilted from setup to completion following the techniques you taught me about 8 years ago now followed up with a year at Peg's. I still refer to the printed sheets that you supplied at the classes and would not dare change the tried and true method you taught because I know it will always work out well.
Can't commit to a regular sewing class or group right now because of other commitments but hope to catch up sometime. I have joined a quilting group that I enjoy when I can get there and can pick the Deb Louie trained girls!!