Tuesday 14 January 2014

Old made new again

Gee it's funny sometimes what I forget. I have only just packed up all of my fabrics ( which was exhausting ) but I'm happy now for the move , and I found this top.

I bought it from a Lovely lady named Elaine who is a prolific quilter. The chatelaine quilters had an exhibition which I attended and they had a vendor stall. Well I couldn't resist buying a quilt top could I . I was just going to quilt it up and then have it as a sample in my teaching suitcase. Simple she says.  Yeh right!!!! Find the time deborah......  !!!! 
I had a idea I need a new quilt for a new technique of designing quilting patterns from templates.These templates are fantastic , so easy to use and no design knowledge needed. I will be teaching the technique for the first time at maroo quilt weekend this year ( see diary) .
The quilt was lovely but too busy  for what I needed, so I decided to unpick it all and use these lovely star mfoundation blocks. I have left over blocks for other projects .

I didn't  like the centre fabric and wanted a more modern feel so I unpicked them and then made these chocolate brown and spot circles and blind hem appliqu├ęd them on. Easy .....

Okay starting to like this. I had 16 blocks I could off set them with a plain fabric.... Chartreuse green in think. So Pieced the stars with the plain alternate blocks.

Okay good.....
Wanted the spot as a small border but alas didn't have enough. So off to patchwork plus at Miranda to see Lorraine.  She had a smaller version which is perfect and I found the nicest warm mid range plain dye brown for the border.perfwct for quilting.
Presto all done. A great canvas now for me to add my special touch of quilting. I going to do free form feathers in the borders and a designed star block quilting for the plain squares and half triangles. I think I will go and get more of the brown for the backing so I have a while cloth quilt on the back.
Even though I'm packed and can't do too much I'm really happy what I have achieved over the last 2 days. 

Thanks for listening 
Happy quilting x 

X Deb 

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