Monday 17 April 2017

Alice Springs

I have just hopped off the plane after a very enjoyable teaching trip to Alice Springs. The Alice Springs Quilters are a wonderful productive, passionate group of quilters.
Their hospitality was very generous and I enjoyed my time there so much.

The Alice Springs Quilters have the most wonderful craft /Art /gallery/shop space. There are large open  rooms for quilters, potters, jewellery makers, all artist to come and go and enjoy their art. A wonderful resource space well used for the locals.
workshop space

room for all artists
an old flying doctors plane in the area

famous visitors to perform in the auditorium space

On the Thursday evening my day of arrival we had a show and chat where I bought 2 large suitcases full of quilts to show and talk about. I love these occasions to inspire others. Not the formal My Journey thing.... but more informal show a quilt and explain techniques, inspiration and how did I make it.
Then it was down to classes where the ladies were very open and enjoyed my classes. Lets Quilt walking foot and Lets quilt Free motion , free motion quilting using stencils and Glam Clams were the 4 classes. The group is ready to quilt their own quilts now
In the afternoons and evening I was kindly taken out to enjoy the sights of Alice...

We went close to sunset to Simpsons Gap an amazing quiet spiritual space where rock wallabies come out from the boulders to feed at night. There was rain a few weeks prior and I was so lucky to see the water in the river. A fun BBQ in the evening in the picnic area finished off a sensational day. 

I first met the Alice Springs quilters last year at quilt Encounter in Adelaide. They were a fun group and we hit it off very well. They asked me there would I come to Alice... YES!!!!!
Barb is a gem... she gave me the hint of the bread clips as masking tape ends.
Here above is Lisa and Barb discussing a quilt in Barbs home. Barb has an amazing quilt space such a delightful lady. Lisa is the workshop coordinator and she did a wonderful job ensuring not only I was happy and comfortable but everyone who attended.
Barbs front screen door, isn't it amazing. No sneaking home late without waking anyone.....
All the best ladies Happy quilting
I am very excited to soon announce my online classes and books with templates Very VERY  soon on my web site.
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Happy Quilting

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Sounds wonderful...... Good to see you getting out into the country..... Would love to go there one day......