Tuesday 30 January 2018


Well a big HELLO for 2018.

I sincerely hope your early 2018 has been a terrific start to the year.
Here is to a wonderful creative 2018 I say....... did you get a chance to sit on a comfy chair, relax down the beach , lie on a pool float for a while these holidays?
Yes for me for all of them. Some down time for us all is important to re energise our enthusiasm with our quilt making I feel. Well really I should only talk for myself, yes I needed the break. Mind you I think quilts, breath quilts every waking moment really.... I know you are the same.. we cant help it we just love what we do. QUILT...
I am excited about 2018, I have a vision of new work that I am working through now.
I have been busy writing 3 new books, for the web site and for teaching .
All of that I will share soon but for now I have a workshop I would like to chat about


2 day workshop

at Carinya Studios

May 5-6 th 2018

This is the first time I have hosted a workshop of my own.

Carinya Studios is at Pheasants Nest , just 8 mins drive off the M5 using the Bargo exit . About 75 minutes drive from the centre of Sydney, travelling south.

The studio is FABULOUS, so new, and the facilities are perfect.
Cutting areas, ironing stations, each student has their own table and work area, fantastic light and air-conditioned. Beautiful food , morning teas, lunch, afternoon tea, endless tea and coffee in a separate dining area will delight you. All in a bush rural setting and the only sound you will hear ( except the hum of the machines is the birds and baaaa of the sheep in the paddocks )

You have the choice of making either the Daisy path cushion or the Daisy path runner. Learning machine sketch applique, machine decorative stitch applique, blind hem applique and the machine quilting of the projects both walking foot and free motion.

You will be provided with a 68 page colour book and templates , 2 lunches, 2 morning and afternoon teas, 2 full days tuition for $195.00.

There will be only 15 in the class
Class times 9:30 am - 5 pm both Saturday and Sunday.

Please email me for more information and booking details

For new classes and books stay tuned, coming soon.

Happy Quilting
X Deb


Unknown said...

Looking forward to 2018 classes with you Deb. Weekend at Carinya - very tempting.. Quilting in the countryside sounds delightful. See you soon. Can’t wait to check out your new projects. Denise

Deborah Louie said...

Thanks Denise yes a terrific year ahead Lots of new work.