Friday 15 January 2021

Hope is in the air.....

2021 Hope is in the air.....

A huge THANK YOU to you for your support in 2020. 
If you read this blog, my Instagram or FaceBook posts, thank you. Deborah Louie Tutor is the best FaceBook site for me.
If you purchased a book or an online class from my web site, thank you. 
If you purchased one of my books from a quilt shop thank you. 
I am so grateful for your support , and I hope you enjoy my skill building information.

My heart goes out to other countries who are suffering right now with more disastrous Covid 19 cases. Stay safe and happy stitching to you.....May an ending of this pandemic be swift.

MY teaching year for 2021 looks healthy and I am optimistic we can attend the shops, groups and events that are planned in a safe, happy environment. 
My teaching schedule is now on my web
I hope to see you at an event in the near future. 

I am working on some really lovely new work at the moment and will share once completed and a class program has been finalised. Having the time at home stitching on the machine is wonderful  after writing 
3 books is refreshing and fun.
Mind you it was hard at first to get into a creative new space again... I suppose not a writers block but a quilters block!!! Thank goodness I am excited again everyday to get up into my room and stitch.

Im super proud of my new book  Let's Quilt - The Theory of Walking Foot Quilting.  

A comprehensive guide to quilting your own quilts on your domestic sewing machine. All of my years experience of machine quilting in one book. If you have taken this face to face class or online class with me this is the most update version and so much more information. I highly recommend this book and have been told it is their bible for machine quilting.  Which is wonderful to hear....

This wonderful book is also available at 

My Sewing Supplies Sylvania NSW
Hobby Sew Kings park and Fig Tree
Berry Quilt and Co Berry NSW
Amitie Textiles Torquay Victoria
Otto and Penny sewing Centre South Australia
Sew Fab Narranderah
Kimz Sewing Warana Qld
Sewing Connection Pakenham Vic
Stitched and Framed Port Macquarie NSW
Rosemount The Patchwork store Mogo NSW
BERNINA sewing Centre Taurunga NZ
Burnells BERNINA Wangaro WA
The Ribbon Rose Auckland NZ

All info on threads, needles, tension, walking feet, decorative stitch quilting, long hand look stitching in 12 weight cotton threads to achieve textural quilting, stitch in the ditch, how to sandwich quilts and the all important theory. How do you quilt a large quilt on a small domestic sewing machine? 
 Let me show you how easy it can be.....

Come along with me in my studio in Sydney as I show you step by step the full process I take when quilting my quilts. 

End of the quilt as desired line  Really what does that mean ?????
.......Im here to show you how....

Quilt Stories 

Lisa Walton and I had a lovely chat a few weeks ago about Glamorous Clams. How it all started, how to decorative stitch appliqué and where to next. Check it out on line

Once a moth skill building classes

For those in Sydney my once a month classes are starting in February at the following locations

Sew Can I Werrington.  First Thursday of each month
Berry Quilt and Co 3rd Tuesday of each month
My Sewing Supplies the 4 th Tuesday, Friday and Saturday of each month 
Thorpe and co Boolaroo in 13-14 March, 12-13 June,11 th September and November date to be decided.

Speciality classes on the web site schedule.

All of my books are on line now 

Update on Miss Molly, she is now 7 1/2 months old and such a cutie. Loves her walks, loves all doggies especially her cousins Pippy and Ngarra. She is a really sweet girl and good company.

So from Deb and Miss Molly 
Happy Quilting xx 


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