Tuesday 23 November 2021

Time to think about 2022 classes.

 Hi I hope this finds you well.

I have had enough of this at staying at home business quilting on my own . Let's get back to it I say.!!!! Back to teaching, back to the wonderful company, back to beautiful quilt shops, back to learning, back to us all being inspired. 

Yes I have been very productive but I miss teaching, miss the chats, miss the challenges, miss the company , miss you my lovely students.

Love to have you join me ,  here is where I am teaching my once a month classes. 

My skill building , get to know your machine, make any of my projects, learn machine quilting once a month classes in and around Sydney are as follows:

* Sew Can I  at Werrington https://www.sewcani.com.au/pages/about-us

First Monday of the month 

Karen, sewcani@yahoo.com.au

*Berry Quilt and Co at Berry  https://www.berryquiltandco.com.au

Third Tuesday of the month

Sharon ,  Sharon@berryquiltandco.com.au

*Kings Park Hobby Sew  

Third Friday of the month (generally) 

Email me Deborah deborah@deborahlouie.com.au or deborahlouie@optusnet.com.au 

* My Sewing Supplies Sylvania  

Fourth Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of the Month 

Bernadette , https://www.mysewingsupplies.com.au

Come and join the fun, the learning and the company...... 

Please contact the shop directly except for the Hobby Sew class please contact me , Deborah. 

For more teaching locations, retreats, symposiums , please visit my web site 


Happy Quilting 

X Deb and Miss Molly 

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