Friday 19 September 2014

table sucess for Gail

Got a wonderful email yeaterday from a very happy quilter.
  Thank you Gail for sharing and happy quilting in your WONDERFUL room. Enjoy xx

 Hi  Deborah

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge about the new Bernina sewing machines in a recent class. I feel much more confident now!
But I also wanted to thank you for the ideas for a sewing/quilting table from your blog.

I bought an old brown timber desk from eBay about 2 years ago and decided ( after looking at your blog) to steal it out of the study and convert it to a new sewing table for myself.

Unfortunately I don't have the skills but am lucky enough to have a handy husband.

Using your blog as inspiration for the design and some new paint - I now have a fabulous work area.
I have included some photos for you. As you can see it is now home for my Bernina 230PE and my new 710.
My wonderful husband also made two movable storage cabinets to go underneath. It also has a hook for my very large ruler to hang and under shelf storage. He has made an insert so that when I remove the smaller machine I have a large area for quilting.

The photos are of different 'build' stages!

I am a very happy sewer and wife!!

Thanks again
Take care 

Regards a happy student

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