Tuesday 7 October 2014

Year flying past

Well October already, gee the year is just flying past.

Recently in class there has been some great sucess. 

At Pegs Pieces last weekend I had Bernadette and her beautiful daughter Domonique in class doing the free motion day of Lets Quilt. I know Bernadette would not  mind me telling you all that all day I was nagging ...slow down.... I understand as a shop owner , mum of 3 great kids, wife ,its full on and Bernadette packs so much into a day. But free motion quilting takes a fast needle and slow hands, slow smooth hands. It was a great laugh all day nagging her, slow down slow down, but despite all that she did really well. Domonique is young and talented and caught on really quickly, watch out for her in years to come as a great talented quilter. Pegs Pieces is at Kirrawee and a really friendly, happy shop, if you havnt visited yet when in Sydney pop by one day and Ian and Bernadette will  surely have somthing to take your fabric fancy... A really nice day and great to meet new quilters.

Here are some snaps from Pegs once a mnth classes. The ladies are doing incredible work Im very thrilled for them.

Namatra and Padyra are making my Happy Quilt and WOW how fantastic are they.... Borders now to do.

Above : Julie here is quilting her hearts and Lollipops quilt. Ditching stage at the moment then free motion in the white areas.

Here some of the ladies have managed to purchase a string of LED Lights that stick on to the machine . To brighten up your day and evening stitching. 

At Material Obcession Petra after just the first class of Lets Quilt  class ditch stitched this HUGE and amazing quilt... Very impressive.. Well done.

Jenny from Hobby Sew Kings Park sent this picture through. ( Below)  WOW..... all the free motion applique finished and now to sandwich and quilt. The quilting will be fairly simple and there is so much wonderful movement already going on. Jenny brought a huge bag of bali fabric to class and didnt know what to make . So we started with the strip dresdons and went from there. 
Jenny you have worked really hard on it , perservered and now its magical ... CONGRATULATION's. 

I have been working on a new class applique quilt myself the last month.
I have left the free form work to the side for the time being.
Just a quick few photos to share 
My Pallett of colours firstly.
I wanted citrus fresh clean colours, I always cut out small snippets of fabric and glue to paper for reference, staright away you can see if something is not meant to be there or wrong.

A quick sketch of the design on moving wrapping paper left over from our move came in handy here while pinned to my design wall.

Then designing the applique shapes and leaves and vine.

Then building the shapes into a cohesive design. This is the most exciting part of any quilt for me the designing .. I ADORE IT .....

Now building my vlisoflix shapes 

Sewing the vine blind hem style onto the white large background fabric

Then todays work first layer of stitching the shapes onto the background. Im free motion stitching forstly in Monopoly then Ill go back onnce all shapes are on and free motion in colour on colour with  MettlerPolysheen . 
I have listenied to all the positive comments in class about using decorative stitches on the machine. We have some stunning stitches and dont use them, well I dont anyway mostly. 
The hearts and lollipops quilt has been very popular, so I have upped the skill level and using decorative stitches in different ways.

Hopefully this will work out and will be as popular with students as my Spring Floral Baltimore.
Yes hopefully I said, you never know when this is the first of any quilt ,,, an original. Coming out of my crazy at times brain.... Anyway just thought Id share a little peek into my latest work.

I saw this on facebook as part of a psychologists post  and thought it really positive and  , I will 
be very honest someting I struggle with at times. It was all about why you might not be happy, very wise words .. Lets all run our own race and live a  Happy.... life ..      :) 

You constantly compare yourself to others.

Constantly comparing ourselves to other people has the potential to make us feel inadequate, worthless and depressed. Life is not a race. As such, there’s no need to worry about what everyone else is doing – because what everyone else is doing isn’t relevant to us. Instead, it’s better to just go through life at our own pace, and focus on living the best existence we can.

Let me know your thoughts...

Have a great time on your sewing  machine ... I know I am ........ actually for this new quilt Im dual sewing  both on the go , one straight triple stitching  and the other decorative stitching.  FUN Times ..

For the Bernina  ladies out the there is a new 1/4 inch foot just released.
A #97  the right hand side is a perfect 1/4 inch and the left hand side is wider to aid in the feeding of your fabric. Also comes with a detachable 1/4 guide to screw into your plate .

So Happy Quilting 
Thanks for listening


DoubleL said...

I enjoyed my refresher class last Sunday. spent yesterday free motion quilting a Santa panel. Those 6's shapes perfect for his beard.

Lee B said...

You always inspire Deb and I love the piece from the psychologist about comparing yourself. Your new quilt with vines looks great and I love your colour panels.