Monday 13 April 2015

been a while

Returned home recently from Patchwork in port. Nice 2 days teaching my Let's Quilt to a lovely group of ladies , very keen to quilt their own quilts. Jennifer is the new owner of the shop and very eager to get workshops up and running to bring new skills to the area.  The workshop area is huge and comfortable .

As you can see the quilt tops hanging on the walls. The quality is very high and the ladies took to free motion quilting very quickly. These tops are all foundation pieced and complex. All the best ladies and if we can Ill see you next year at Patchwork in Port for more classes. I know your all keen on my machine applique. Lovely to meet you all.

We have had some beautiful quilts at show and tell in class lately.
Wendy from Kings Park,  Friday Princess group has pieced and nearly finished an amazing quilt. Wendy, leanne and myself probually a year ago bought this kalidascope fabric together and mine is still in my draw. But Wendy designed , pieced and quilted this masterpiece. We had alot of discussions in all the processes and Wendy took it all in and off she went merrily sewing away. 

 Great free form feather quilting here... so wonderful for me to see Wendys progress over the 4 years we have been together in class. Simply sensational. 

On the same day wendy also showed this vintage inspired quilt. Asked for quilting advice took it all in and wow came back a month later with this.
I had a clam shell stencil with me which was perfect , shadow quilting in the feature fabrics, circles in the circle fabric... a great example of let the fabric do the taking for your quilting choices.

One of wendys children has claimed this quilt...  I dont blame her....... terrific Wendy 

On the same day we had a visit for Lorraine to show me her Baltimore top. Lorraine has worked really hard for 2 years making this SPECTACULAR Spring Floral Baltimore . Lovel to see you again and happy machine quilting now Lorraine.

Diane from Pegs Pieces is new to my classes and lovely addiition. Diane is an accomplished quilter who wants to develope her machine quilting skills further. Her her lovely red and white quilt was a classis example of mainly ditching the quilt to tell the story of the piecing, then a triple stitch to diagonally show off the line.

This next quilt has a lovely story to it. Julie comes to Pegs once a month on Saturdays. Julies mum is elderly and ill. While sorting through some of her Mums things who is a quilter, Julie came across these log cabin blocks that were semi stitched as well as some of the fabrics. Julie continued making the blocks and added her version of my daisy path to the centre.  WOW what a lovely tradioinal quilt now full of memories and a great feeling of completion for Julie. Julie will now ditch all the seams and then a lovley cable around the border .  Julie wants to pop it on her Mums bed for Mothers Day.... very special indeed....

What a grerat idea Kylie has made a cushion out of her decoratove stitches. A great way to get to know your machine indeed...

Diane from Kings Park has finished her tumbler quilt. Im really proud of Diane she has alot going on in her busy life with family etc,  but still finds time to committ to her quilting. You have come a long way Diane with your machine quilting ... CONGRATULATIONS ...

Till next time 
Happy Quilting 

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