Monday 5 August 2019

Quilt Encounter

  It has been a very busy few months since my last blog. 

Some exciting opportunities have arisen for me and I would like to share with you.

Also spectacular class work has been achieved by very clever students which will be towards the bottom of this post. 

Very exciting to also visit Houston The International Quilt Festival , this year for the first time in October. I will drool over the amazing quilts and even take a class or two I think.  Im sure Ill pop into a few Aussies over there.

Before all of that excitement I have 2 weeks in New York and Washington with my sister..... wow never thought this would be my life but wow , here I come.........

Back to current activities.

Quilt Encounter in Adelaide was wonderful , even though extremely cold ( and I don't do cold well) 

there were 200 participants, 8 tutors all live in at Emmanuel College and lots of wonderful work being done.  Such an amazingly well run week from the Quilters Guild of South Australia. Congratulations committee  and Kerryn. 

I taught 3 days of Dads Dahlia , this class was wonderful. I often say that but they are . I love it when a class full of quilters have fun interacting with each other. We stitched, sang, danced, laughed, ate , drank multiple cups tea together and that was just in the class room...  It truly was fiun.. 
thanks ladies I will remember that class for a long time. Below is a video of the finished 3 days class of Dads dahlia.

Then I had a day off with these lovely tutors and saw YESTERDAY. The new Beatles movie .. Loved it ... sorry I sang my way through the whole movie ladies ..... those that know me well would not be surprised.... 

Then 2 days of Quilting between the lines and great quilting was achieved too..

Good times.  Thank you all involved 

P.s Thank you Gina had a blast with you.xx 

Even managed to increase my puppet collection whilst shopping

Quilt show for Quilt NSW was another wonderful event.

I had the honour to present and sponsor 3 rd prise amateur predominantly applique category  to Rebecca Hastings with a really lovely clever quilt. 

Here below is Liz Aitken and her Dream Big quilt , stitched a few times in class.  Looks wonderful.

Here Wendy Ochtman's  quilt designed and made in class. woo hoo.

Jenny Kirk and her stunning appliqué quilt made over a few years and WOW doing her and me very proud indeed.

This is Michelle and her version of daisy Paths so lovely and fantastic machine work. 

Leaving the best to last.... Wendy Ochtman here and the 2ND PRIZE PREDOMINATELY APPLIQUÉ AMATEUR prize. Woo Hoo.  a few tears all round for her and me ..... 

Im so so thrilled and proud of you all for entering such wonderful quilts and LOVING your classes with me , being inspired to make beautiful quilts and learn amazing skills .  You know it does take so much time and commitment to get great work and congratulations ladies you all did it .... 

AHHHHH Im very happy indeed :) 

Indulge in some beautiful work that has been going on in various classes around lately.

Turned blind hem clams 

Glamorous Clams 

Dads Dahlia 

Mums Hibiscus 

Daisy Paths runner 

Daisy Paths the quilt 

Dr Who panel 

Quilting between the lines 

Summer Days 

I have not had any time to make new work except for Summer nights below. A negative from Summer days.
Up to quilting it now when I get a chance.

Im off soon to Darwin for a break and Im   so looking forward to the sunsets, the warmth and having family time.

If you visit the web site I have many of my skill building books and online workshops for your viewing.

Happy Quilting till next time 
X Deb 

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