Thursday 12 January 2023

A new year full of promise.....

 It's January the 12 th 2023 and I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year.

May all of your wishes come true.

Im sure we all wish for a healthy year ahead. No more awful viruses, lockdowns, isolation etc... 

Enough of that, I really want to look forward, have a joyous year. A year of appreciation, a year of achieving some goals I have set myself. A year of positive thoughts and actions. A year of happy stitching.

I have a beautiful Granddaughter just turned 1 year old and I now know the joy of making and stitching for her. For her first birthday I made her a quilt of course. My Eye Spy Bubbles of Fun pattern.

Here she is enjoying seeing it for the first time. ( keeping her face out of the picture for privacy ). This is the cutest pattern and the kids love exploring the different eye spy fabrics. A little bit different from the standard eye spy quilt  using blind hem appliqué. The patterns has everything you need to know to make the quilt even down to quilting and binding for any brand of machine.

A link here to the book

Bought myself an overlocker ,a BERNINA 450 actually.  This  4 cone overlocker is fast and sews beautifully. I had one years ago when I had my other life before quilting. Making everything I wore. Imagine that !!! All clothing except my bras. Like many of you that was the done thing back in the day. Remember Just Knits or Knit whit. A complete one stop shop to learn to make knitted garments like trackies, swimmers, underwear , t-shirts. The overlocker was an essential and I loved it... 

So Im getting back into dress making a little,  made some shopping bags, some dresses just enjoying a little bit of different machine stitching.  Are you enjoying your stitching too at the moment.  Change is good.

January is a month of making new work for the next few years ahead for me. I am working on an old traditional hand stitched technique that I want to modernise on the sewing machine. More later not sure as yet if it will work well. 

I usually go into this big panic to make new work, but I have realised I have a huge body of workshops and techniques to share that I have developed over the last 23 years teaching. So I am relaxing the pressure this year and making new work slowly and enjoying it. (trying to get wiser in my older age ha ha)

I am working on a BERNINA 970 Plus sewing machine that is on loan from BERNINA Australia for a month or so. I will be posting on my Deborah louie Tutor Facebook and Instagram page short videos of features of the BERNINA machines. If you're interested keep an eye out for them.

Every year I promise to write more on my blog and this year I'll try again to stay more in touch here on this blog,  other than on Facebook/ Insta. Those are fast instant posts but here I can chat more. Pleas let me know if you're interested to hear from me here. Good to have some feed back . Actually let's chat here . If you have questions about your machine any brand of machine, I can answer them here if I know the answer if not Ill find out for you.. That would be fun. 

So I'll say Happy New Year again to you and to your loved ones. Take care and happy stitching.

By the way Miss Molly is doing well and loving life.... Here with her big Cousin down the beach. 

Happy Stitching  

X Deb 

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