Tuesday 17 April 2012


Its been quite a few months since the last post,It has been a very busy teaching few months. Been all parts of the country.
Just back from Australian Quilt Convention. Wow it was great !!!!!!!
Stunning quilts, great shopping and fantastic teaching time.
I had 4 , one day classes that's 80 students in 4 days !!!! PHEW...
Very exhausting but so thrilling at the same time.
I met lovely people from all over Australia and New Zealand.I'm teaching at Taupo NZ in JULY 2013. So it was lovely to meet some locals.
I had 4 classes and had some  ladies who did all days with me . They started out very hesitant and by end of 4 days free motion quilting and applique  they ARE  FREE MOTION QUILTERS NOW, ready to go off and start quilting with stacks of confidence. Thank you it was a pleasure to have you all in class.
Some photos of students work
My very good Friend Katrina Hadjimichael was my roomy and she enjoyed teaching there as well for the first time. It was my third time at AQC. The gala dinner on the Saturday evening was so much fun., Loved the Michael Jackson Impersonator he was so good . Those that know me well know I'm a huge fan all of my life starting in the early 70's with the Jackson 5.Its really fun dancing the night away with all kinds of quilters just wanting to have fun.
 A huge well earned CONGRATULATIONS to Isobel Lancashire for winning the LA - Da Award and great to see her enjoying the moment , very fancy dancing feet she has indeed!!!!!  
Well done to Judy Newman for the great event.
Off to wagga Wagga now


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah - I did your one day class at AQC on Machine Applique. Really like my sample piece now I have it home (that doesn't happen to me often). I was REALLY impressed with your teaching skills - how organised you are and how you got us all through even though we started at very different levels. Thank you for a most enoyable day

Brendajane, Wellington, NZ

Deborah Louie said...

Terrific Thank you BrendaJane hope to see you in Taupo 2013. Enjoy your quilting