Thursday 15 August 2013

Whats been happening lately

 A few posts ago I chatted about horizontal spool holders. I'm such a believer of this positioning of all of my threads now . Terry in one of my classes found a packet of 2 holders from Perhaps worth a try for you just attach to your existing spool holder and see if there are less thread breakages etc for both cross wound and horizontal wound threads.
horizontal spool holders
 This is Lorraine hiding here she joined me this year at Hobby sew Kings Park to make my Floral Baltimore.... Well Lorraine is doing a wonderful job, I asked her if she could do a fabric pallet sheet and yes it also is beautiful. Look how the turquoise blue just illuminates on the background fabric... I'm so thrilled Lorraine is loving the quilt. Congratulations Lorraine its beautiful.

And this work is of  Kate's, Lorraine's  great quilting friend, together they are both making the Baltimore and Kate's is in 1930's fabrics WOW is it sensational. But here she has quilted herself 2 quilts for her lucky granddaughters. Sensational, Kate your doing so well makes me very happy to see you enjoying your machine quilting so much ... Thanks for sharing.

I have had 4 lovely days at home this week sewing in the sun , going for morning walks and just enjoying being with my daughter. I have managed to sew together my sisters quilt blocks and starting on the applique borders . I'm really happy with the progress of the quilt. A few months ago I had my friend Gina Burgess from Adelaide staying with me after quilt camp Maroo and I was showing her the unfinished blocks. She suggested very kindly that I re stitch a couple and thanks Gina I'm so glad I did , I even re designed a few. Sometimes I get so caught up in a project I lose perspective and to have an eye like Gina's looking over me  is a great gift.
I love Matildas Own new Tilda Lite a fusible webbing that I popped through the printer , drew multiples of the shape and presto, so much easier than tracing every shape. I know this is not new , but I have not been completely happy with the other brands till now this is very light to the touch  when fused onto the fabric... Lovely indeed.

work area

quick photo of the progress

I'm loving this border.

This quilt has only 3 borders but I think I might do a fourth a very relaxed vine and only leaves attached... Well see hey, you know how thing's can change.

I am blanket stitching the shapes   Bernina # 161 or 720 stitch, width 1.3 and length 1.4, quite small with 100% 50 weight cotton threads and white bobbin fill. The stems are bias made and blind hem stitched with clear monopoly thread on the top and bobbin fill in the bobbin. Stitch  #3 reversed and width 0.9 and length 0.50. I prefer this to a tiny zig zag that most people use. It shows less and is very neat. Oh and with both stitches I take my needle position all the way to the right, makes lining up a breeze.
I will keep you updated. with its progress. There is a lot to do hundreds of hours of appliqueing then hundreds more of trapunto quilting......

Off to Wyong Friday to Blueberries for the once every two months class and a Lets quilt stage 1 and 2 class on the weekend. See soon on a new page classes for 2014 I have once a month on the first Friday of the month at Blueberries and every second month on a Saturday there too . If you live in the area come along you can make any of my quilts or I can advise you on how to quilt your quilts.
Then I'm off Monday afternoon to  the Sunshine Coast in Sunny Queensland for the Cooroy Quilters and Kimz sewing  for classes.
till next time
Happy Quilting
Oh I don't know why its black background I'm off to pack  !!!!! Sorry :)

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