Saturday 1 March 2014

Fridays Sucess

Well its Fridays once a month class at Pegs Pieces for show and tell. 
We had 3 baltimores close to or have finished appliqueing and now the quilting process begins.
First is Vals quilt.
So sorry the photo out of focus.
Look how pretty , clean and fresh this colour way is . Val the quilt is sensational your doing a wonderful job. Val has cut out the prints beautifully and the Kaffe sash is just perfect. Im thrilled to have you in class again, welcome back.

Alyse brought her stunner in also to show the class. So classy and elegant isant it . Spectacular....

Next is Jan's stunner
Jan came over to my place a week ago and I took this photo.  The borders are so stuning , Jan has appliqued so much movement into the borders , corners only to do now,  I love it. I have suggested that Jan puts some applique into the 2 inch sash, I was hesitant to suggest only because it means somuch  more work, but Jan thought it was a terrific idea, and away she is planning the shapes and colours staight away. Im so in awe of your commitment Jan to your quilt. It is going to be a masterpiece when completed. 

Jan is just like Val and Alyse have started this class to practice  background fillers for their quilts. Its always a good idea to really have the pattern well and truly sorted out . By that I mean, you have to have a  lovely fast rhythm when quilting something as  large as these quilts. Also the amount of work appliqueing them means we only want to best machine quilting we can do on them. No use skimping on the quality now. So each month we will go through a few possiblities of fillers and see which pattern looks right and feels the best for the quilt. Then its practicing the pattern of a while so your completely happy with the outcome.. If you race into the quilting with out the practice then you will get better towards the end of the quilt then it will not have the same quality of quilting . Something that will be noticable maybe not to others but to the maker it will. After all these quilts are masterpieces and deserve all the detail we can give.
I am so proud of you all I can believ how different the quilts are and how absolutly sensational they all are. THANK YOU for trusting in me from the bottom of my heart. 
Also a very warm welcome back to the return ladies and a big WELCOME to the new ladies. It was a bit daunting walking into a class for the first time ever and seeing this kind of work been shown , but please remember we ALL have to have a start and just enjoy your journey.
Thanks for listening 
Happy Quilting
X Deb 


Kylie said...

Deb it's so good to see everyone's quilts coming together.

Deborah Louie said...

yes its wonderful.. i just have to come up with more myself cant have idle fingers now can we?