Thursday 27 February 2014

kirrawee return

 Tuesday class resumed for the once a month class at Pegs Pieces , we were all excited to see all of the work over the holiday period. Well there was many oohs and ahhhs going on
Bev has completed her stunning baltimore top.
Isant it sensational. The stripe fabric was her first and blending fabric which is in the 1 inch sashings. Terrific workmanship Bev it is sensatioal. So in class we worked out a suitable free motion filler  ,,, chatted about the ditching of the appliqué around and inside each shape, but Bev thought there is too much vacant space around the blocks. She feels they should have been cutback  some more. Easily solved , I have suggested a small 1 inch clam shell  repeating shape either side of the sashing , then the tiny pipi filler. This would give the effect of foux trapunto . A great use of the area, but withput a lot of extra work. Filling up the area but also giving the sashing a softness that would compliment the round applique shapes. I love it when my studnets push me to come up with a solution to a problem, I really geet a kick out of it....there is a huge amount of quilting detail for the Baltimore BUT after appliquéing for months and months this is not the time to skip and rush this . slow and steady and the results will be sensational . Bev the quilt is Devine congratulations .....

This very pretty and happy quilt of Denise's is all pinned and ready to quilt. Firstly  Denise will ditch all straight lines then a filler in the background to pop the appliqué but leave the small black sash just ditched to give the eye rest. I,m so happy for you Denise you have come along way in 12 months ..

I've had some fun recently quilting some feathers in a border.

Took a few days on and off to finish . Now to design block quilting designs . Post again soon when the quilt is done.

thanks for listening 
Happy quilting
X Deb 

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Kylie said...

Bev I love it. Can't wait to see it.